MomoCon 2013 AMV Dinner (Friday March 8th)

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Re: MomoCon 2013 AMV Dinner (Friday March 8th)

Postby Zanzaben » Thu Mar 07, 2013 5:04 am

Mr Pilkington wrote:iirc FoB is $40 +drink. If we did do lunch it IS a lot less expensive, but everyone would have to agree in a time mid-day.

12 people for dinner down town? On a Friday!? We better at least decide tomorrow and call ahead 24 hours. Otherwise we'll never get in. Plus I couldn't be gone too long, I have to be back to help Mike at 9. 2 hours with a wait for a 12 top is likely going to put me out of dinner :(

Yep I completely agree with you, so we should just make a reservation at the hard rock cafe in my opinion
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