List of Videos Played During SacAnime2011 (winter) Panels...

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List of Videos Played During SacAnime2011 (winter) Panels...

Postby Pwolf » Sat Jan 08, 2011 9:02 pm

Here's a list of the videos I played and the few I didn't get a chance to (I talked to much D:) but check them out:

10 Years of AMVs

Some of my all time favorite videos. I ended up running out of time because I talked to much about them so I had to skip one and stop before I could get to the last two.

2000 Far And Away
2001 Failed Experiments in Video Editing
2002 Shellshock
2003 Center of the Sun
2004 Machine Head
2005 Waking Hour
2006 Undiscovered Countries
2006 Ikasu (Not Played)
2007 Never Fall Apart
2008 Dream Scape (Not Played)
2009 This is Holloween (Not Played)

Top 10 AMVs of 2010

These were my favorite picks for 2010.

It's All About The Washingtons
The Cyrus Virus
Aint No Rest for the Wicked
Blame it on 2009: A Good, Good Year
Pierce the Heavens
Eden Awakening
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