AM2 convention July 1st-3rd

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AM2 convention July 1st-3rd

Postby heroman25 » Mon Dec 06, 2010 5:37 am ... ame-to-am2

thats a press release from Animenewsnetwork about a con that started last year under the name of Club2theMAX, what made this mini con like event awesome was the events they had while they only had a few events in the span of one day, it had Hello Projects Erina Mano in her movie world premier that also had a Q&A and mini concert from her, Maid cafe, Whose line is it anime and the main event was the Yoshiki from X Japan charity event which finished with X Japan playing their new song as well as allowing eveyone who attended the event a chance to be in their music video which was all night, the cool part was the charity event was free to everyone who was part of Jocknation and had a printed ticket.

Now this year they want to go full steam and a 3 day event, but because of the date it will be held at the same time of Anime expo,the person running AM2 has lots of friends in the anime and gaming industry in both america and Japan, and responsible for many of the concerts held in america mostly california, he got X Japan on Lollapalooza (so thats something) and helped promote utada hikaru, and was responsible for getting S.K.I.N. back in AX 06 or 07 (forgot date)

So im pretty in the middle of where to go but AM2 has that one factor but thought I'd share so people have an idea of what to check out, also forgot to mention its in the press release but the event is free to everyone.

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