Momocon LIVE @ Georgia Tech Square (March 12-13 2011) UPDATE

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Momocon LIVE @ Georgia Tech Square (March 12-13 2011) UPDATE

Postby kireblue » Sun Nov 21, 2010 1:50 pm

Hello everyone. My name is Erik Norelus {kireblue}, and I am the assistant director of Momocon's AMV department. Momocon is an annual convention held at Georgia Tech's campus, and it is currently the largest free admission anime/ comic/ sci-fi/ gaming convention in North America. Momocon 2011 (March 12-13 2011) will be the con's 7th year in operation, and we are deciding to make espionage and super spies the theme this year (think James Bond, In Like Flint, Austin Powers, etc).

Like previous years, the convention will still be held at Georgia tech, but we have moved to a much bigger area of the campus which will include the GT Hotel, College of Management and Biltmore building (Georgia Tech Square). In addition to the larger space, Momocon has also expanded it AMV department.
UPDATE: This year, I will doing a LIVE broadcast of 2 (possibly 3) different AMV events that will happen on Sunday, March 13th (one of which is the Viewers choice awards).

Momocon's AMV Exhibition
We will be holding our 2nd Annual AMV Exhibition with the purpose of premiering never before seen AMVs to Momocon's 8,000+ attendees. If you are interested in entering, the general rules and guidelines for the exhibition can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=102283
UPDATE: The submission deadline for the AMV Exhibition is closed, but you can view it live on March 13th from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM here:

AMV Arena
This year, Momocon will be holding a AMV "Iron Chef" competition called AMV Arena that will put up to five AMV editors against each other, and give them 2 hours to produce the best AMV. Each editor will be limited to a predetermined selection of anime source, but choice of audio will be completely up to the individual. AMV Arena is currently in its planning stage, but I should have all the details finalized within the next few weeks. If you would like to participate, please contact me asap.
UPDATE: The AMV Arena will only have 2 contestants this year (one of which is myself). Kireblue VS XShurikenBladesx

AMV 101 & 102 panel
As the name suggests, the goal of the panel will be to teach the audience the basics of starting a AMV, editing, rendering, and distributing it. The panel is scheduled to be on Saturday and Sunday (March 12th and 13th) from 1pm to 3:00pm, and I am looking for editors to help out. So if you live near the Atlanta Georgia area, or will be attending Momocon, we would love to see you there.

Since the convention takes place 3 days after the scheduled announcement of the VCAs results, I decided to officially schedule a 2hr programing block to showcase the winning videos and broadcast them via UStream. So if you want to see a live audience reaction to the winners, here is your chance. You will be able to watch it LIVE (March 13 from 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM EDT) by clicking on the following link:

24 Hour AMV Room
This year, Momocon's AMV room will be open from 10am Saturday till 8pm Sunday. We have hundreds of AMVs to show during the con to keep you entertained all day and night. Programing blocks include: Character Profile, Action, Fun and Dance, Comedy, MEP Showcase, AMV Overnight, Technical, Drama & Romance, Trailer and Parody, 2011 Viewers Choice Awards, and Con Favorites.
UPDATE: Unfortunately, our venue has asked us not to run any overnight programing this year. Instead of operating 24/7, we will shut down the room at 11:30 PM Saturday night and re-open it at 9:00 AM Sunday Morning.

If you want to help out in any of our AMV events, or if you want to join Momocon's AMV staff, please pm me or send me a message at at for more information. You can also visit Momocon's website for general info, directions, hotel info and specifics about the con.
UPDATE: At this point, its too late to sign up to be official Momocon staff, but there is still a way you can help out. On Friday, March 11th from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM, I will be doing a test broadcast on our AMVs@Momocon Ustream channel. If you can simply watch the broadcast and tell us if something seems wrong or should be changed, that would actually be a great help to us.
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Re: Momocon LIVE @ Georgia Tech Square (March 12-13 2011) UP

Postby kireblue » Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:14 am

I just made a lot of updates to the original post. The major one is about the LIVE streaming of 2 of our AMV events (The VCA results and the AMV Exhibition).

Both of them can be watched here:
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