A-Camp Zombie Survival Edition

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A-Camp Zombie Survival Edition

Postby xandercorp » Fri Jun 11, 2010 9:06 am

A-Camp Zombie Survival Edition
A-Camp is, as the name would suggest, a camp for anime/manga/jap fans.

Summer Presentation Video |||||||||||| Winter Presentation Video

It is a 16+ event so if you're not sixteen or over do not apply. The camp is for teenagers and young people.

It takes place in Romania(a country most of you have never heard of, I know - it's the place Dracula comes from *half a forum just went: "Aaa!") and this year it'll take place between the 23d and 29th of august at a camp called "Valea Budului" near Bacau.

A-Camp is the short for Anime Camp. Based on Otakus(anime, manga, japan lovers, j-music….), A-Camp has already reached the 4th edition, this winter and 5th and 6th editions will follow as well, late this summer. Long short story is that from 100 campers at the 1st edition we soon reached 160~ in less then a year. The summer edition is larger than the winter edition who only has around 50-80 people. You’ll probably join the camp knowing nobody in it, and leave among friends...

Why go? You’ll cure yourself from the hikikomori disease in a just 6 days, being among a large amount of anime fans, you’ll have fun and make friends. It is also not very expensive. Depending on your location, the transportation and the camp will be less than 230euro(France, Italy, Germany, Spain, East Europe).

Period: 23-29 August 2010
Location: Camp “Valea Budului”, near Bacau
Benefits and Activities:

6 days and nights accommodation
3 meals per day
Old School Games
Drawing Workshop
Stencils Workshop
Evening/Night Parties
Movie Club
Anime Screenings
AMV Workshop
Light Graffiti
Internet and L.A.N. network room
Supervision of all activities

All activities are included in the price.

The camp has as partner the Romanian Ministry of National Defense. And so you will be able to see 4-5 soldiers of Romanian Special Forces in action. (Is not yet clear who will play the zombies, campers or the soldiers.) :-)
Cost: 148Euro/620 RON (includes everything except transportation and pocket money).To register, you only have to pay an advance (60Euro/250 RON) and the rest until 1 August.

Y!M: anime.camp
E-mail: anime.camp@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.otakucamp.com

NOTE: I posted the topic here because it's pretty much an anime convention, the only difference is that you have where to sleep and what to eat and it lasts 6 days.

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