Do You Have an Idea For an Org-Supported Contest?

Do You Have an Idea For an Org-Supported Contest?

Postby GloryQuestor » Mon Aug 27, 2012 7:15 pm

You've seen The Online AMV Iron Chef Tournament v4.0, you've seen Project OrgEditor, you've seen The Quickening ...

... now we want to see your online contest idea, if you have one!

So, if you have an idea for an online AMV contest, with rules and details worked out, let us know! Send a PM to me (GloryQuestor) with the contest details, and we can set you up with:

- Contest sub-forums
- Forum moderator access, so you have direct control of your contest sub-forum
- Periodic news items on Facebook & Twitter

There are a few caveats:

- You can have your contestants join up with the Org (if they aren't already a member) and upload their videos to the Org for your contest, but only if they follow site rules & the site's definition of an AMV. If the files you want to collect do not follow these rules, then it will be up to the coordinator of the contest to find a host for their contest submissions.
- The Org cannot provide any financial support for prizes or awards. Any prizes or awards for the contest are up to the contest coordinator to provide.
- By agreeing to have a contest hosted by AnimeMusicVideos.Org, the contest coordinator (and the contestants) also agree that decisions made by the Org administration are FINAL. This should also be a part of your rules, as a reminder.

So, if you have a contest all ready to go, send it our way, and we'll help you get it out there! :D
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Re: Do You Have an Idea For an Org-Supported Contest?

Postby Diegao » Thu Aug 30, 2012 2:24 pm

I have an idea for this, I just have to find time to write the rules properly. :nose:
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