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Re: Desktop screencap!

Postby ChaosGod » Mon Nov 19, 2012 10:18 am

Renato wrote:
chaosgod357 wrote:
Renato wrote:Very Pretty! I tend to like scenery wallies like that :D

Here's mine folks:

Quoted Image converted to link:

O__O ok give it up what is the music player in the corner I wantz k thnx :mrgreen:

chaosgod357 wrote:
mirkosp wrote:It's likely Winamp, with some custom skin.

Ah true I did not look that close before but I see the winamp icon too

Its actually Rainmeter, linked to Winamp! I get my skins for Rainmeter from here:

Anyways, new wallpaper and Rainmeter skin!

Quoted Image converted to link:

Thanks for the info share <3 the skins... and nice new screeny too

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