What do you think is te best DvD release in the U.S.?

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What do you think is te best DvD release in the U.S.?

Postby RurouniKakita » Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:14 am

Now i don't mean what anime do you think is best I'm talking about the way it was released. Some critiria might be number of episodes on a disc, extras, video /sound quality vs. the VHS release, things like that.

Out of the DVDs I own I would have to say that Outlaw Star is the top one followed closely by Bebop, 08th MS team, and Eva coming in last (eventhough it's my favorite) because of the unremastered Collection 0:1

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Postby AbsoluteDestiny » Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:17 am

Utena Movie.
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Postby RyanGlazner » Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:19 am

Outlaw Star was awesome! Though it's like 40 dollars, you get two DVDs. I kinda like this system. Plenty of extras, though they're only on every second disk (per DVD container)
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Postby UncleMilo » Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:54 am

I have to say that Pioneer's release of Fushigi Yugi Seasons 1 and 2 were very impressive... alot of work went into the box designs...

I'm also impressed with the Akira DVD

I assume you mean the appearance of the DVD and the extras... not just what anime we were happy to see on DVD.

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Postby Chaos Angel » Mon Aug 05, 2002 9:33 am

RyanGlazner wrote:Outlaw Star was awesome! Though it's like 40 dollars, you get two DVDs. I kinda like this system. Plenty of extras, though they're only on every second disk (per DVD container)

-Saber Marionette J is the same way. I agree, I like the two-disc system better for a series. Here's why. (monetary values are rounded off.)

Individual discs = $30 per disc.

Two-disc sets = $45 / 2 discs= $22.50 per disc.

$30 per individual disc x 8 individual discs = $240.

$45 per disc set x 3 disc sets = $135.

Whether you look at it on an individual basis or overall, the 3-disc sets are the better bargain. And they also manage to fit in extras, granted not as much as some other series since they cram 6-7 eps on one disc, but that also makes for a better deal since you get more anime for your money. (3-4 per disc vs 6-7 per disc. No contest.)

Considering that I personally find the extras to be nice, but not necessary, since the anime itself is why I buy the disc, I would have to say that either Outlaw Star, Saber Marionette J, or Key the Metal Idol gets my vote as best DVD release for sheer financial value.

Of course, there are also OAVs to consider. Some of the shorter ones like Bastard and Angel Sanctuary are only about $30 for the whole thing (six epes and three eps, respectively). And I haven't given thirteen-episode series/OAVs, such as Serial Experiments Lain, NieA_7, and Tenchi Muyo, a fair shot either, or movies like Akira and Wings of Honnasemise. Lets look at each combination on a per-episode basis for best possible value comparison.

A 6-ep OAV at $30 for the disc = $5 per episode.

A 3-ep OAV at $30 for the disc = $10 per episode.

A 13-ep series/OAV at $30 per disc, with 4 discs in the series = $120 for the series, / 13 episodes = $9.23 per episode.

A movie at $30 for the 1 disc = $30 period, end of story.

A 26 ep series with 1 disc per set and 8 individual sets at $30 per set = $240 / 26 eps = $9.23 per episode.

A 26 ep series with 2 discs per set and 3 sets at $45 per set = $135 / 26 eps = $5.19

So, when we look over these figures (and assuming I have not forgotten a different type of packaging/series combination.), going only by financial value, which is what I have chosen to use for a comparison since good video and sound quality on a DVD tends to be a given, and VHS will probably never equal DVD for quality and lifespan, we can see that the 6-ep OAV on one disc, such as Bastard, is the best value at $5.00 per episode, with the two disc per set, three set series such as Outlaw Star and Saber Marionette J coming in a close second at $5.19, and movies like Wings of Honnaemise coming in dead last for value at $30 for the one-shot. So, by this logic, a 6-ep OAV on one disc, such as Bastard, will give the best financial value per episode, with the three-set series such as Saber Marionette J and Outlaw Star coming up a close second.

Again, this is from a financial viewpoint, not a video and sound quality, good series/bad series viewpoint. The last in particular is highly subjective and different for each person, and attempting a comparison on that point is an exercise in futility.

I'm looking back over this, and realizing I have too much free time... Heh.
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