Why don't people care?

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Postby SpPANDA » Thu Aug 01, 2002 1:02 am

ok! ^_^/

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Postby temjin » Thu Aug 01, 2002 11:16 am

i agree with klinky, die

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Postby Mroni » Thu Aug 01, 2002 8:15 pm

When I was little and Robotech was on I never watched it because it sucked compared to transformers and Gi joe. The artwork is crappy in robotech too. When I got robotech to see what it was all about I liked the first part hated the second and the third one has a crossdressing freak in it!!! I can see Uncle Milos point though. Americans are intelligent enough to watch anime without editing them to peices. Garylisk has a great website about what the morons at cartoon network did to tenchi.

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Postby Dark Kamui » Fri Aug 02, 2002 1:31 am

The reason anime is butchered, cut, and patched up it's simple... Let's face it... It's just too damn advanced! =_=

Most little kids and teenagers that cartoon shows are aimed at these days are mindless animals that only react to "cool-action".

It has been more times than I can remember that people ASK me things that I write in plain letters at my site! I MEAN A FUCKING SINGLE PARAGRAPH! :evil: AND STILL THEY WONT READ SHIT!

This other day this dude comes at me in MSN asking me for software/tips and I reffer him to Premiere... Then he comes asking me to teach him STEP BY STEP and I just said "press F1 and read the fucking help file!" And then he says "Nah... It's better if you tell me cause that looks too complicated".

I just blocked his ass without any further thought...

I mean... Take a hundred fucking fresh graduates out of ITT and tell them to build a fucking light bulb... Starting from mining the iron for the filaments. Have them make a generator without using AutoCAD...

Or just gather 1,000 random people at night and be lucky 1/100 can light a fire without using matches...

Ask your science teacher how to build a fucking candle from scratch. *L*

Face it... These days people take so many things for granted that they really don't know shit. @_@

Same with anime... You give them a good plot, little action, good animation and they'll just say it's boring, stupid, or just cartoons...

Seriously, ANYONE that I've met that makes me explain to them more than 3 times what ANIME IS... I usually cut off contact with. -_-

On the other hand people that I've met that love anime somehow seem witty, more respectful, and trustworthy compared to just everyone else... For odd reasons which continue to puzzle me... *L*

Last thing I heard about DBZ was that it was going to be expanded... And Gundammers are clinging on to whatever little piece of mecha they can get.

Anyways... Why the hell do you think Disney delays Studio Ghibli films? It's obvious... It's simply too advanced. For example, they could take a piece like Spirited Away and with a little adverticement it could make it to the theathers easily (if Power Puffs made it, why not?).BUT NO, a standart must be kept beucase if SUCH a thing made it to the theathers and the general public actually LIKED IT it would overshadow everything else by raising quality standarts.
Certainly, Disney executives these days preffer to spend the lowest budget. Forget art or originality, it only matters that it costs cheap and sells like bread! So do you really think that after watching square jaws and triangular finger nails on effortlessly computer animated 2D characters on Atlantis I would go and say that it's better than Princess Mononoke? Hell no... Of course,most people can't really tell apart art from shit, but firms like Disney sure as hell won't take the risk of opening people's eyes.

And cultural differences in anime? Well I'm not exactly sure why so many people complain about Anime having nudity or too much romances or whatnot.
Yesterday I some 12yr runt came to me saying that he didn't want to go into my page because he didn't like the "nudity" in anime. I was like "My site does not have any HENTAI damnit!". But nooo... The little brat kept bullshiting me so I just blocked him. To think that in barely 2 years girls with have to chase him away with broothsticks... =_=

And so... That brings me to this: Just why the hell do so many teen shows/movies out there make it a point that the meaning of existance is to get laid with some girl as soon as your hormones kick in? I mean... some kid comes at me with this bullshit about anime being rediculously sappy and I say "WTF do you think is Johny Bravo?". Or how about that Larry dude in Zoids wanting to get it on with this "Lenna"? Are people fucking stupid?

US censors work so hard to literally censor LIFE yet they keep bombarding kids with all this bullshit that is actually WORSE than the actual thing...

Like a month ago my kid brother was watching Dexter on cartoon network and the episode was about Mandark trying to win a beach contest to get DeeDee's attention or something. Dee Dee was hanging with this blonde, easy going kind of hippy dude and Mandark was jellous... Well to summarize Mandark set a bajillion traps to win the race, Dee Dee starts winning, Mandark get in the way of the traps, and Deedee Wins the race while mandark gets stuck on the sand... Anyway the blonde dude comes out to Mandark and compliments his surfing technique... Then Mandark says something about producing some waves in his lab and the two of them sort of look at each other and go off walking hand in hand like a gay couple...

Sure... It's BAD to teach little boys that liking girls can turn out to be a good thing... But then it's totally acceptable and trendy to subconciously teach them how to be homosexual. Well that's just dandy, dont you think?

And also the cross dressing jokes in cartoons... Not to mention those ANCIENT Bugs Bunny cartoons that just greatly point out to children how nice and fun it will be to pick up a gun to blow up your buddy's head and he'll be allright on the next scene...
Then they come out with this bullshit about banning guns in homes... But they wont ban fucking Bugs Bunny cartoons though... Not even if GOD came down from heaven and sued! =_=

However... If in some Anime someone picks up a gun and blows up someone's head/body up into a bloody pulp then it's too goory and EVIL for the minds of our pure, innocent, american children! *L*

And sure... Liking women and trying to romance them only makes you look stupid, uncool, and just overally have badluck... But then it's just perfectly dandy to have male character's dresssing up as females trying to seduce other males like in Bugs Bunny. *L*

Ah... And let's not forget Sailoor Moon... That's has to be like the GAYEST Anime ever made! =_= I mean, you can freaking tell most women dresk like MEN and Men dress like WOMEN... There was also that one episode of this bomb spewing monster chick that SOMEHOW escaped the censor's warth. She/it had HUGE BREASTS packed with clearly and fully viewable nipples that happened to be blue/green! Anyways, she huffed and puffed until her breasts GREW... Then her breast would shirnk back down and a bomb of sort would come out of her head, mouth or something. Anyways during that particular episode I was like "WTF?!" @_@

And so... I don't recomend ANYONE getting their kids started on that show.. yet most people do... =_=

Then later on we have all these movies about horny teens getting it on and a fan base that judges a movie's quality by how much cleaveage is shown... And so how would do YOU expect people like these to appreciate anime or rather ANYTHING not related to their dick/pussy/ass? *L*

Honestly... The ONLY thing I ever keep track of to watch on TV is Farscape because it hasn't gone low budget yet... =_=

*Ja ne*

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