What do u think is the most popular japanise anime off all?

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Postby MamoruArmitage » Mon Jul 29, 2002 8:06 pm

i saw an episode of Doraemon once. it was odd.
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Postby FirestormXIII » Mon Jul 29, 2002 10:58 pm

Well as far as theatrical releases of anime goes Mononoke Hime debunked Titanic as the top-grossing movie in Japan. I'd say that's pretty damn popular.
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Postby Rini210 » Mon Jul 29, 2002 11:06 pm

In America it's got to be Dbz, pokemon, digimon, sailor moon or anything else Toonami has had.

In Japan, it's probably a whole different story. I have no clue what's going on there when it comes to popular anime's.
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Postby OmniStrata » Mon Jul 29, 2002 11:40 pm

A survey (whose website escapes me) showed that Full Metal Panic was #1 most watched anime in Japan @ May 2002 with Onegai Teacher in 2nd!





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Postby Jiji-san » Sun Aug 11, 2002 5:35 pm

Well in Japan i know that the Gundam series is the best selling anime, so i believe it's the most popular. In the U.S. it's probably....DBZ. That fucking show is everywhere.
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Postby Trepe » Mon Aug 12, 2002 10:29 am

You can't forget about An-Pan Mon, the Japanese superhero who has bread for a head, and rips off pieces and gives it to people. HUGE in Japan. I guess he would be like Superman to us; everyone knows who An-Pan Mon is.
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Postby The_Digital_Phoenix » Mon Aug 12, 2002 11:28 am

I'll have to go with Sailor Moon. It's my favorite anime but that's beside the point. Sailor Moon was one of two that really started the anime craze in this country. It started with college girls who loved Sailor Moon and then soon the whole country loved Sailor Moon, boys and girls alike.

So I say it was Serena and the gang.
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