cardacators cancelled and kirby

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cardacators cancelled and kirby

Postby imadude » Sat Jul 20, 2002 9:45 am

i know its been awhile since this happened but dammit why did wb cancell cardcaptors its a good show also i hear today that the most kik ass video game character ever is gonna be on a anime on fox is this true
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Postby milfeulle_nyo » Sat Jul 20, 2002 11:37 am

I'm glad they cancelled Cardcaptors. Nelvana did the worst dub job ever on it.

Kirby XD. I love how he rides that little star. I don't think the series would last tho. Yep I think it's coming to fox, t'was on a commercial.

Puyo Puyo's Arle and Kaa-kun could 'kik' Kirby's ass any day.
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Postby Anime Jedi » Sat Jul 20, 2002 12:20 pm

That's right. I saw this Fox Box commercial with Kirby in it, so it should on by Sept. 14. If you get Nintendo Power, you can read those mini comics of a dozen pages or so of the show, that are in the middle of the magazine. They had those with Pokémon, but they stoped, so now they have it with Kirby.
I didn't mind Cardcaptors. I didn't love it, but it was ok. Also, I hear they didn't even air anywhere close to all the episodes and put them all in a weird order on WB. On Teletoon in Canada, we have almost all the episodes, except for a few like, when she gets the Float Card, and they're in the right order.
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Postby milfeulle_nyo » Sat Jul 20, 2002 12:32 pm

If it were a stand alone show, Cardcaptors was a good series. But it's a million times worse than the original.

Teletoon still wasn't in the right order, but closer than it was here. American tv takes forever for a show to get on air. Like the Powerpuff Girls...the Japanese version airs earlier than the American version, even tho I'm pretty sure it's an American show.

Cardcaptors is still horrible on my list ^^;;

Oh yea, and 2 of the Puyo Puyo games that came into the US were renamed Kirby games instead. Another bad transistion... (puyo puyo is not kirby tho!!)
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Postby projekt_navi » Sat Jul 20, 2002 12:53 pm

cardcaptors *was* a good series ... but I didn't like the dubbed *_* ... wb sucks ass for leaving a poorly animated 'so called' card game without cardcaptors ... at least cancel poke'mon .. that shit is old!!!!

kirby ... anime ... in fox ... cool ^_^
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Postby HashPipe » Sat Jul 20, 2002 1:18 pm

Ehh, Cardcaptors was a shitty dub, and i think the people that decided to make the whole romance thing go bye bye be shot. Anywho, hey everyone, im new here and this is my first post =P. My fav anime is Card Captor Sakura. Back to the subject.....Kirby. O_O Can't wait =P I wish they would actually show the subbed Card Captor Sakura episodes..
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Postby Naughty_Angel_Of_Hell » Sat Jul 20, 2002 1:54 pm

projekt_navi wrote:cardcaptors *was* a good series ... but I didn't like the dubbed *_* ... wb sucks ass for leaving a poorly animated 'so called' card game without cardcaptors ... at least cancel poke'mon .. that shit is old!!!!

kirby ... anime ... in fox ... cool ^_^

they would never cancel Pokemon. It's just to popular with the little ones.
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Postby milfeulle_nyo » Sat Jul 20, 2002 2:04 pm

Yay! Welcome HashPipe! ^^. Cardcaptor Sakura is great isn't it? ^^. Dvds are out for subs. But they're coming out very slowly...

Agh, they changed their personalities and everything in the dub! ><. For shame...

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Postby TnAdct1 » Sat Jul 20, 2002 5:27 pm

First off, when the final Cardcaptors episode aired, all that was left in the story was the second movie. Thus, the show simply finished its run. As for it being cancelled: as everyone mentioned, the dub sucks. To quote a Gangsta's Paradise parody about CCS that I heard at Anime Express 2001 (which was my first anime convention):

"Why the WB so mean to me?
They ruined my show and centered it around Li."

In in dub version, the character of Li is more of a major character than he was in the original Japanese version. Also, a lot of the romance and comedy in the show was cut. In other words, the WB and Nelvana took a shoujo show and turned it into a action show in hopes of attracting a male audience (which is dumb, since a lot of males already like the original Japanese version of CCS). Of course, the plan backfired, as more people ended up buying the sub version of it rather than watch the dub. Moral of the story: don't try to make a shoujo show male oriented (besides, if you want a CLAMP anime that's more shonen, check out Angelic Layer).

Joe Klemm
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Postby imadude » Sat Jul 20, 2002 9:55 pm

yeah ill agree the american version was put through a shredder with all they cut out but i still though it was a good show ( the dub version) but i would give anything to have anime uncut the way its sposed to be, instead i (due to the fact that i cant understand japanese and subtitles kinda anoy me) have to deal with the shitty close minded american version of anime
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Postby afleetinghope » Sat Jul 20, 2002 10:11 pm

Bad enough WB screwed with CCS, if they fucked with AL, MKR or XTV I'd be killing someone.
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Postby Beefmaster10000 » Sun Jul 21, 2002 3:19 am

I can't wait for the Kirby anime. It is going to rule, and I will make sure I will buy a copy of the Kirby series on video.

Speaking of Cardcaptors, I didn't mind it. I like dubs better than subs, and I tend to be open-minded about anime. Now, why in the heck didn't they release an uncut dubbed version? They are dubbing the anime, and releasing a subtitled version. So, why didn't Nelvana have a dubbed uncut version along with the original Japanese version? The Cardcaptors movie that was recently released and it had a dubbed uncut version on the DVD. What a waist of space not including a dubbed version on the uncut DVDs.
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Postby Bushido Philosopher » Wed Jul 24, 2002 4:13 am

now why is it that all TV dubs are so bad....??

from Pokemon to CCS they always mess up!! WHY DAMMIT!? don't they realize that anime fans wanna kill them in their sleep!?

why cut the stuff too? i mean, can't they just tag it a Y14 rating instead of hacking it down to Y? they show stuff like Buffy which is Y14.

and some shows like Escaflowne (FOX) were just plain cancelled!! just cause some damn church people with no lives didnt like the cards they used. (and isnt that a form of religion/belief descrimination?)

the only people i've seen with average to good dubs is Toonami, but they're just conversions of what you can buy on DVD/VHS and they're running out of steam too. (all they show now is old DB and DBZ...a let down to the anime community. im not saying DBZ is bad, but it's just getting old [just a LITTLE :wink:]...and hamtaro!? what the hell? a hamster anime?)

anyway, my lil protest to the damn TV execs. 8)
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Postby milfeulle_nyo » Wed Jul 24, 2002 8:52 am

Aww...I thought the Pokemon dub was good ^^;. They kept Pikachu's original voice and such, plus they add in some American humor. But still the original wasn't very good to begin with ^^;

Cardcaptors is just bad.

Toonami... I'd lower their dubs from bad to average. But at least they're trying.

Tottoko Hamutaro is great! The dub is oh so horrible! They gave em names and voices that didn't match em at all ><. They named Ribbon-chan VISHNU! Translate it right! She's got some freakin' ribbons on her head!

Ahh If they dubbed AL they'd probably make the angels talk XD.
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Postby klinky » Wed Jul 24, 2002 9:40 am

Dude I swear, I think Jesse and James american seiyuu's are dah bomb.. I think they kick ass.. as for the rest of the poke-crew ..thye kinda blow

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