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Austin to Seattle

Postby TaranT » Sat Jul 20, 2002 2:45 am

Harry Knowles' review of Seattle's Scarecrow Video:

DEAR GOD!!! I want to make a tornado to lift SCARECROW VIDEO up and place it a block from my house in OZ-tin, why this video store is considered by many to be... THE GREATEST VIDEO STORE UPON THE PLANET EARTH....But here... They have 9 used copies of Osamu Tezuka's METROPOLIS!

Scarecrow has an entire room for anime. Rough guess is that they have over a thousand anime tapes and DVDs for rent. That includes many out-of-print titles. The downside is that they sell and rent HK bootlegs (e.g. Anime Cartoon DVDs). But they carry the legit North American releases, too.
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