Textless/Creditless Planetes ED - Exists?

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Textless/Creditless Planetes ED - Exists?

Postby EkaCoralian » Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:24 pm

I'm not really certain if this is the right section for this sort of thing, but its a quick question, honest.

Basically I'm looking for a creditless/textless version of the Ending (not the episode 26 ending, the normal ending) of Planetes. It appears that on Bandai's release of the DVD there was a collection of textless OPs, but no EDs.
I'm fairly positive it exists; I just have no idea where I can get my hands on one. Or maybe I just haven't looked hard enough through my Planetes Complete Collection?

Any help is seriously appreciated; I'm dying for footage from it for an AMV.

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