new Hunter X Hunter Anime!!!

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new Hunter X Hunter Anime!!!

Postby Jasta85 » Sun Sep 25, 2011 2:22 pm ... t_of_shows

So I'm browsing through ANN's fall anime list and then see Hunter X Hunter listed as a series. Never heard a word of this before now so I did a little research, looks like they are remaking the series from the beginning, completely new cast and madhouse has taken over.

I'm am both hyped and a little disappointed. The old series is definitely old school in both its animation and action scenes however I was really looking forward to the chimera ant arc, guess I gotta wait till they do everything over again. Either way, I really am excited about this, on par with the excitement I felt when I heard about Hellsing and Full Metal Alchemist being redone (although not quite as hyped as I was about hearing about the berserk remake).

The Hunter X Hunter manga's major weakness was the quality of its drawings, take the story and characters and give it some fresh new animation and this series will be legendary. this along with fate/stay zero and persona 4 is making this the most exciting season of anime I've seen in a while.

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