Why Anime Died in North America

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Re: Why Anime Died in North America

Postby Sukunai » Wed Aug 31, 2011 10:14 am

Well mostly my point was Otohiko, that Matrix Games/Slitherine (they merged) while giants in their niche, still have trouble selling to only a few diehards.

You see the same effect in anime, as anime is a niche.

But one has to wonder, does it REALLY need to be as entirely niche as it is?

We say there will never be more than a few of us, but why does that HAVE to be so? Have we really just talked ourselves into it?

Games like Squad Leader were once sold in toy stores. But they went and made the damned thing so competely maxed out unapproachable, that it is no small wonder the only way to find it now, is to already know where it is to begin with.

That's lousy thinking if one wishes new blood in the hobby though.

Anime is not nearly as bad off though as it is both gender friendly and not quite so demographically limiting.

But it still is seen as something of an odd hobby. Not much different than those weird people and their role games. I can find role games on sale, but only because I already know where to look.

It's the already know where to look aspect that is broken. We need to make it simply for people that are not even aware of the existence of the hobby to at least see it.

But I think in the case of anime specifically, it needs more advertising that corrects the horrible cliche misconceptions.

A it is NOT just a cartoon for kids.
B it is not just some weird form of Japanese porn.
Anime, one of the few things about the internet that doesn't make me hate the internet.

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