Blood+ story questions

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Blood+ story questions

Postby Lifad » Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:43 pm

hi everyone, just finished watching blood+ and its freaking awesome. i still have some questions though. what is nathan mahler? i mean
Spoiler :
in the end he indicates that he was already the chevalier of sayas mother and even after she kills him he is still alive.

so if anyone knows something about that, could u pls tell me? and does anyone know a site where i can watch Blood the last vampire for free? i watched blood+ on [Kariudo: site name removed] but the last vampire doesnt work there. and if anyone knows something about the ps2 games to blood+, if they're good and if it worth buying them, i'd appreciate ur feedback too. if the names of any character are different in english i apologize, but i watched it with german sub so...

[Kariudo: Spoiler tags added for stuff that looked like spoilers. Also, asking for illegal anime resources (download or streaming) is against the site rules.]

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