Pixelated Frames

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Pixelated Frames

Postby kyotoprincess » Thu Mar 24, 2011 1:36 am

Okay, so I've been having this WEIRD problem with SV curseitall.

I've been getting medium-to-high pixelated clips and/or frames. Like, I tried ddl-ing that codec that Ash put up and at first, I thought it worked but apparently it didn't. I mean I know it worked fine because my ☾ two-thousand eleven☽* video/clips worked fine when I edited with them and now, its all pixelated?!

Here's a picture example of what I mean.
* videolink = ☾ two-thousand eleven☽

Can anyone help me out here? ;__;

Computer: Windows 7
Program: Sony Vegas Pro 8.0
Affected Clip File(s): usually only AVIs
Frequency: Most of the time, it doesn't appear, only during certain parts and scenes however it is very annoying
Might be Helpful: This started happening a couple of weeks ago, after I tried downloading the "latest" verison of Adobe Flash Player. Don't know if it was being of that or what but... yeah

My friend told me to just convert all my AVIs into WMVs but I have A LOT of AVIs on my computer and to convert all of them is just a hassel when I know that it was working fine a couple of weeks ago, which is odd nonetheless. I've also checked the forum already and none of it seems to mention the same sorts of difficulties as I'm having. If anyone could find a solution to this, I'd be extremely greatful. I think I've downloaded most of the nessecary codec, since they work perfectly fine with WMP.

I don't know if this might be helpful or not but I don't know about everyone else, but I have a seperate project that I made that has the anime clips in certain folders so I don't need to import them all the time and before it started happening, all my clips worked terribly fine. At first, when it started, I just assumed it was the new anime clips that I downloaded and I dismissed it (because I didn't render all of them as .avi) but I checked my "old" clips, meaning the ones that were already ON SV and whatdoyouknow, I got some pixelated frames...

I apperciate people taking the time to read and perhaps, offer their brains to help solve this annoying problem xD

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Re: Pixelated Frames

Postby Nya-chan Production » Thu Mar 24, 2011 4:21 am

That's not a problem with Vegas - it's a problem with using lossy codecs for editing. I can see you're editing with XviD files, and that's where your problems come from.

You should convert your clips to LOSSLESS (not wmv, please - it would screw you in some way sooner or later) codecs like lagarith or HuffyUV.

In the previous cases, I suppose you lucked out - or something just may have broken, yep, but you'll never know when it will break again or what will it break again if you edit with lossy codec. With lossless files this never happens in... hmmm... 99.99(99?)% of cases.

For more info about these codecs and stuff about it, read AMV AVTech guide. Any other trouble, post them here ;>

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