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Re: Best Storytelling

Postby Kitsuner » Mon Jan 18, 2010 2:04 am

Cap'n Toddenfreude wrote:I know this is far too late to be of any use to anyone, but I'd still like to point out one small detail people seem to have missed.

A story does not have to be a serious drama.

for example.

This is from a musical, and does contain an entire story within the lyrics of the song as well as the video on screen.

Tells a humorus tale of a young boy with a oedipal complex.

Just watch it.

And to link one of my own just because I can.


Just think about it okay?

Further examples:

When a boy's doll is taken, it comes to life and takes revenge on its master's tormentors.

A movie director struggles to control his creative team.

Simon battles Dr. Wily in their final confrontation until Asuka wakes him up.

Dr. House and Sakura try to heal a woman with an inflamed chest, but when the situation gets complicated, a special guest arrives to save the day.

And to link one of my own just because I can.
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