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Re: Best Sentimental Video

Postby Midnightowl999 » Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:44 am

Normally, I don't do this as a self promotion, but in this case, I am doing it for my god children who are currently 9 years and 7 years old respectively, brother and sister. I have done this video dedicated to them in specific since they were Miyazaki fans from the time they were very young. (That was my fault on that one.) I asked my god daughter one day what two favorite Miyazaki movies they want to me to attempt this amv for fun since I was beginning to learn the process. She said The Cat Returns and Spirited Away are two of her favorites. So I tried it and came up with this piece. I am requesting that you give this piece a fair assessment and a chance in this category for my godkids to see this video take off in the contest if good enough. It is my hopes that maybe this video will be good enough to be considered and give them a smile if there is a chance that it might be nominated or who knows how far it would go. I don't have a problem if it doesn't make it, but please be fair in cosnidering it for this category. Thank you kindly for your consideration and may the best video win no matter what! Good luck to all!

Title: The Color of Dreams
Anime: Spirited Away and The Cat Returns
Song: Dream to Dream
Artist: Cathy Cavadini
Ending theme Song: Rhythm of The Heart
Aritst: Rod Stewart
Editor: Sleepyowl Editing Productions
aka: Midnightowl999
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Re: Best Sentimental Video

Postby Full Metal Sempai » Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:07 am

My top 3 sentimental amvs for 2009.Well,half year 2009 given my army situation since August and my limited access to internet...

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Re: Best Sentimental Video

Postby rho-1 » Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:35 pm

Video: No Regrets (Preview)
Category: Romance, Sentimental
Anime: Clannad, Clannad ~After Story~
Song: The Dance
Artist: Garth Brooks
Creator: TsunamiX (The Tsunami)

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Re: Best Sentimental Video

Postby Kitsuner » Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:18 pm

Everyone who didn't vote for Angel's Voice should be ashamed of yourselves. :nono:
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