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This forum is for people who want to give and receive feedback on videos listed in the catalog, and for getting feedback on beta videos.
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  • All videos posted in this forum, except for works in progress (WIP), must have a corresponding entry in the a-m-v.org database
  • Keep in mind that this is for Opinion Exchange. If you make a topic asking for an opinion, please offer an opinion in return
  • Giving out free opinions is always encouraged
  • When starting a new topic, please put 1:1, 2:1, etc... or WIP somewhere in the title
    • For example, 2:1 means "I will give you 2 opinions for every 1 you give me"
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Opinion Exchanges

Postby Creed91101 » Fri Nov 22, 2002 11:28 am

We would like for you to give an opinion on either our Rage Against The Machine, Aerosmith, or Foo Fighters. For each of these you give an opinion to we will watch one of yours and give you an opinion.

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