OreImo - my third AMV

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OreImo - my third AMV

Postby Hidaked » Tue Feb 04, 2014 3:17 am

Hey folks!

I just wanted to show my third work here and get some suggestions maybe. Besides its the first time iam using an advanced program for it (Sony Vegas) and i was just learning some "effects" and how to handle the program in general. Anyways this OreImo AMV is especially a tribute to Ruri and Kyousuke, i hope there are some Kuroneko fans out there ^^
Alright and here it is


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Re: OreImo - my third AMV

Postby 8bitcritr » Sat Feb 15, 2014 10:36 am

Your definitely doing good with the effects. They were pretty well placed. I left a comment on youtube. I can't really go into too much detail with a critique since i also just finished my third AMV. Would you be so kind as to watch mine too

FYI apperently your always suppose to post this Vidid or video info thing whenever you mention a video in a post. This only applies to videos that are posted on this site. What you do to get it is go to the video's page and click on that little chain link next to the title then copy the link from that window into your post
(hahaaahaha i just noticed this, check out my bookmark toolbar, total mainstream otaku)
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Re: OreImo - my third AMV

Postby specie8470 » Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:10 am

I also did one for Kuroneko

I will also take opinions.

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