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[WIP] Link Start!

Postby NostalgicMelody » Tue Sep 24, 2013 7:36 pm

Alright, so, I've been making this video for a while now, and I've run into a thousand problems. First of all, I didn't anticipate how much space the source videos (1080p, oh my gosh what a disaster) would fill on my computer. And it didn't help that I kept jumping from episode to episode. My poor laptop was so full that I ended up consolidating the work that I had done so far and deleted all the source files and I KNOW IT ISN'T RIGHT BUT I HAD NO CHOICE LOL. I was also really confused about compression and everything because this is only my second AMV and I did my first one over a year ago.

But yeah. Here's what I have so far! The main concept is that Kirito and Asuna use the virtual world to hang out with each other and everything, so I tried to stay away from the really upsetting/combat-relating parts. But near the end of the beta I decided that it would also fit if it showed that
Spoiler :
Kirito has to try and find Asuna through the Fairy Arc
, so I made it go in that direction, too.

Here it is :) Any opinions that you have are very welcome! http://youtu.be/1ph3KqfqzJw (and yeah, it looks horrible on youtube, I know. The main project is prettier!) [EDIT: I just realized that there are different resolution settings on youtube. Disregard my last comment >.<]

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