Just New to This site , Searching for friendly People :)

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Just New to This site , Searching for friendly People :)

Postby SaxyTime » Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:48 pm

Soo Hey , Im new to this site , but not new to Amvs , ive decided to switch to this site , since i think this site would really help me Improve my Skills and finaly Do some real Amvs -.- ive been on youtube for 3 years and thats how long i edit from move maker to now AE and Sony , i did not like the YT Community , so ill try this site here ,im a friendly Guy Named Abo :) i now how to handle myself in this site (will not ask Dumb Questions) :P but i wanted to post this because , i wanted to meet some Editors from this site , and maybe chatt and i'd like to get better , so i think the people here are the right ones to ask , i tryed to meet some people in the chatt rooms but , it seems in the chattrooms noone really talks and i feel like talking to myself there , So :) if you have some free time and everything , Contact me :D
Oh yeahr , For Now Ill Leave an Amv from me here so you'll see my Current "level" haha :P
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dQN7MdCDq4 Its Not A full , i see only Really Well done full videos on this site :o i really lose my motivation fast after i think i messed up something :oops: I know im not really good but this isnt all i can do! haha
And feel free to ask me Everything you want :)
I really hope this thread isnt misplaced xD if yes then tell me ill delet it :rofl:

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