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WIP - Memories

Postby animefreak7 » Fri May 24, 2013 9:33 pm

I just finished up a beta amv and was hoping someone might take a look at it for me and critique it before I make my final changes and release it. I guess since it's for the most part finished it's more of a rough cut than a beta, but I figured why not give it a shot and see if anyone wouldn't mind taking a look at it.
Since it's longer than the average beta I went through and pulled up the time codes of the areas I'm most interested in having looked at, but if you're willing to critique it as a whole I'd be thankful.
Time Code notes:
Intro: Durarara!! Section at :01 to :03 any suggestions to replace, I don’t like it but couldn’t find anything else, would prefer it to be Durarara still with the three friends but maybe a better scene suggestion
FFVII: Section at 1:58 to 2:01 timing
Pumpkin Scissors section at 2:49 to 2:52 timing, and cut of the hands reaching for each other with the white background, do you find it disorienting.
Tokyo Majin Section at 3:08 to 3:13 (transitions between cuts in section and into the Code Geass section following.
ENDING from 3:36 to end- should it change, more anime, do you feel the ending works, any suggestions on what else I could do for it.
Here's the link to the video and thanks in advance to any help that anyone is willing to give me.
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