Here's your chance to judge two Angel beats AMV's

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Here's your chance to judge two Angel beats AMV's

Postby aleander66 » Tue Mar 20, 2012 12:27 pm

Here's a quick summary for you: I'm very confident in my own abilities, hence the reason why posted this message in the first place. So basically, I told my friend that making an AMV is a piece of cake (I was awfully wrong about that. Respect to you AMV makers!) and that I could create a better first result in a competition against him.

The somewhat strict guidelines were to make a short Angel beats based AMV. And remember one thing. sentimental critic is OK as long as it's useful. What I'm looking for is critic from different angles or aspects, to see the same thing in a variety of ways, and then draw a conclusion. I won't tell you which AMV is mine, so you'll have to figure that out for yourselves :wink:

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Re: Here's your chance to judge two Angel beats AMV's

Postby irriadin » Tue Mar 20, 2012 1:40 pm

Um. Ok. This is some kind of IC thing. Here's what I thought of each video:

how i flip stuff :=)

First thing I noticed is the sync is very weird. The editing doesn't seem to suit the music at all, in dynamics and style.

The mask at 0:25 is a good idea and the lip synch is pretty good, but I noticed that the mask wasn't completely flush against the side of the screen (you can see parts of the video on the outer edge).

The biggest problem here is that the scene selection is pretty boring. It seems like you took just one or two episodes of Angel Beats (and just one episode of Samurai Champloo) and called it a day.

Mixing two different songs in a video just over a minute long is :/

The transition at 0:43 looks bad. A simple crossfade would have been much less egregious.

And the video just stops, no ending to speak of.

I liked some of your ideas (like the hit-counter thingy) but you need to work on the basics a bit more; things like good scene selection, careful syncing to the music and an overall coherent theme.

Angel Beats AMV Editing Extravangza

To start with, I like that the theme of this video is established right at the beginning. Good job!

I do not like the border effect used periodically throughout the video. Adding a heavy black border like that draws the eye and is just about as bad as mixing different aspect ratios. Don't do it.

Syncing black-levels to the beat of the music is an interesting idea, but your effect comes across a little too strong.

What happened from 00:43-00:45? It's complete blackness with a couple frames of clip thrown in at random. It doesn't look good...

Time jutters can be a cool effect if used carefully. But carrying the same effect for 10 seconds (00:49-00:59) gets stale and boring. Try to use that effect in very brief moments.

1:00-1:07 was kinda lazy. Flashing to the music like that is not compelling sync. Plus, I kept looking at all the lip flap.

However, good ending! You've got a coherent theme and apart from the issues mentioned above, the editing isn't bad. I liked this one better than the other.

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