Uh oh...everyone back it's a newbie! O.o

For all help and discussion relating to visual effects in programs that are not already covered in an existing forum, such as Blender, Particle Illusion, etc., along with discussion about effects theories and techniques.

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Uh oh...everyone back it's a newbie! O.o

Postby nightspiritwings » Sat Dec 29, 2007 7:36 pm

Yep...you heard me, i'm a newbie...

I used to make crappy little music vids with movie maker...but I've come across sony vegas :) and welp...now I want to learn how you all do those effects!

I hope btw this is the right place to post this....ok...so I have a lot of questions...

first off...I have dabbled a bit in the program already and know how to put clips in and whatnot...

ok here are the effects i'm wondering about from this video:

by shinnie04

eh O.< how do I do the main effects in that music vid...O.< I dont know there are so many I want to learn from that music vid...

any tutorials, or anyone know how to do any of those in particular, like the split screen, and one side panneling while the other one is still image

or how to get just the character with no background and that character moving and whatnot overlaying a backdrop of another part of the music vid...

also how to do the pulsing effect...there are just too many I want to know how to do!

I hate being a newb at something :p

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Postby Zelenia » Sun Dec 30, 2007 8:22 am

Welcome to the a-m-v.org.


That should help you for the beginning. There's pretty good tutorials about masking and cropping. And about the effects... You can find most of them easily from Vegas. Just choose View -> Video FX/Transitions/Media Generator.

Ohmigosh, I dislike that scaling effect and horizontal lines. >.< But masks looks pretty good.

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Postby nightspiritwings » Sun Dec 30, 2007 12:24 pm

Oh thanks so much!!!!!! :)

is the pulse effect in there as well? i'm sort of curious on that one

and how to layer on top of another clip and only have the effects on certain parts of the clip...but perhaps before I get ahead of myself :p I should check that tutorial out lol

i'm just all excited...I do have my hands on both adobe premiere and vegas...but vegas looks like a easier program to start with

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