How to use manga clips in an amv?

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How to use manga clips in an amv?

Postby Haseyo » Mon Mar 03, 2014 10:25 am

Hello there, I'm a bit new to amv making in general, but after looking through tutorial after tutorial, I can never really find any help or tips on a good way to use manga clips or still images in an amv. (If you would even call it an amv, I'm not exactly sure what the best term would be for that.)

So I was wondering if any of you might have any suggestions? An example to what I'm talking about might help:

I really enjoy how I see others mix in color with these clips and really bring it to life, but I'm completely lost on how to do something like this, let alone on how to get it flow well with animated clips.

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Re: How to use manga clips in an amv?

Postby Bollocks » Fri Mar 07, 2014 3:20 pm

You use manga in a video in much the same way you use anime. You put it into the timeline, cut it, pan it, mask it and do whatever else you want to make it look good. The problem with manga is that it consists of static images instead of animation, meaning actually making it look interesting in a music video is a lot more difficult (I've tried and failed myself on a few occasions). In terms of the specific color effect you were talking about, that can be easily done just using a solid colour layer and a mask.

Getting manga footage to look good with anime is really, really difficult to do well. I have NEVER seen a video that does it in a way that doesn't really stand out and irritate me, but that might just be me being overly picky about things.

For more general advice, If you do want to make Manga Music Videos (I would just say MMV, but apparently that means Maple Music Video :? ), I'd recommend using Adobe After Effects, simply because it allows for easier video compositing than any other software out there. Be prepared for a lot of work if you want to make the videos visually interesting as well.
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