Playing around with the look of your video

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Playing around with the look of your video

Postby monstravi » Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:02 am

I've already tried it myself a few times but I just plain suck at it. So what's the best way to manipulate the colors, lighting, contrast etc. to change the look of a video and get different scenes to seem similar in look and tone? What effects should I use? How do I start? I tried playing around with color correction, glow, saturation and tons of stuff like that but I'm at loss and I haven't been able to find a tutorial or something that would jump start me. Basically, I want to know how to create a specific look and style for your video so it can match an atmosphere I'm going for. I realise that this probably isn't a simple and easy to explain process, but any kind of help would be appreciated.

I'm using Sony Vegas 8.0
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Re: Playing around with the look of your video

Postby NS » Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:34 pm

If you're looking to match clips you're probably correct in starting in color correction. I just try to match tones. I look at what I see as the most prominent color or feel and match it. If it's warm, I make my clip a little warmer, etc. Other then that it's kind of just a case of going by eye. If you want clips to be consistent, then really try and think; what does the first clip have that the second one doesn't?

As for trying to get a certain set mood or atmosphere, try doing some research. If you wanted a like film noir feel, for example. Then google it or read up on it. What makes film noir film noir? Then apply the color schemes and principles to the scenes.

edit: More specific problems would be helpful in me helping you btw :D... and screenshots are good.
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Re: Playing around with the look of your video

Postby Enigma » Mon Apr 11, 2011 1:50 pm

Color correction, levels, brightness and contrast, gradient map, curves is what usually does it for me.
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