Superimposing images from other Animes using Sony Vegas

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Superimposing images from other Animes using Sony Vegas

Postby DarkSchneider » Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:17 pm ... hp?v=78914

How is the effect of superimposing, whether moving or not moving, done exactly? Do I need additional software aside from Sony Vegas Movie Studio, or can it be done without others, although I'm pretty sure it'll need some other outside software, but I don't know which.

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Re: Superimposing images from other Animes using Sony Vegas

Postby Mastamind » Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:21 pm

It's called masking. Basically what you do is outline whatever object you want to superimpose with a pen tool, and then place it over the background. If you want to mask a moving object, you'll have to create a new outline for every frame.
As for programs, most of the higher end video editors (and probably the majority of image editors) have that capability. Unfortunately Sony's Movie Studio doesn't, but Vegas Pro (versions 6 and newer, methinks) does. :up:

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Re: Superimposing images from other Animes using Sony Vegas

Postby post-it » Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:55 pm

anything from Photo Shop Pro 5.0 and newer has Layers & Channels built-in.
AiST Media Mania TV 3.0, Avid Studio 4, AiST Extreme 4.0, Asymetrics Video Producer 5.0,
Magix Pro 2001, Sony Vegas Platinum 8 and Adobe Premiere 8 all have these same features.
Coral started the trimming and dissolve thingy long ago. They even made a plug-in
for it called, "Knockout v1.0."

The concept was simple. Isolate the character/object you want. Paste it wherever. Repeat as needed.

seems simple enough. once you have isolated the object, position it with an Alpha Channel
to hide the rest of the object. place in location, press Enter.

The only limit you have are the number of layers your editor can handle.

if you do it wrong, it will look like this ...Image
The beauty of doing things in Layers are, "you tell it who is running behind which image."
Each Layer can have its own Chroma-Key. This makes superimposing simple.

To create a Mask for those editors which do not have Auto-Masking, each frame must be matched
picture-to-picture, frame-to-frame the old fashioned way. Then Alpha-Channeled to Isolate the
object and finally pre-positioned in place for the Mask to Work! Call the Chroma-Key and on to
the next frame. Cost-wise, this savings is not worth the frustration. however, if you don't need it,
then Enjoy. :beer:

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