Live-Action-MV: Feed Your Need for Speed

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Live-Action-MV: Feed Your Need for Speed

Postby kapparomeo » Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:38 pm


Video: Feed Your Need for Speed
Category: Action, Drama
Anime: Inferno Cop, plus other live-action
Song: Moon Over the Castle; Go Speed Racer Go
Artist: Gran Turismo 4; Speed Racer (1967)
Creator: kapparomeo

Inspired by watching Rush at the cinema - a great movie, but I'm sure that it'd lose half of its impact on DVD when you don't have sound reverberating around you - I've decided to try my hand at a live-action music video instead of an AMV. Even if you don't follow motorsport, I'm confident that everyone can enjoy the roar of an engine and be thrilled by the mesmerising corner drifts like flowing water, so I hope you find it one wild ride. :)



Please enjoy! Comments & Criticism are always appreciated.

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