Dredd(2012) Music Video

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Dredd(2012) Music Video

Postby DillonTaylor » Sat Sep 07, 2013 7:11 pm

Hey everyone! I wanted to share a music video I just finished to hopefully get some feedback/critiques! It's not an AMV so I think I have to post it here, right?


I wanted to really test my editing skills so any feedback is valued and appreciated! :D
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Re: Dredd(2012) Music Video

Postby aesling » Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:01 am

As someone who really loves this movie I was super excited to watch this. I really did feel like this video had potential. The editing was competent, but if you're going to use long cuts of footage like that in such a fast-paced, action oriented type song, you might want to utilize a lot more internal sync within the scenes. For example, the scene in the elevator at 2:17 with the flashing lights was something I really liked, and it fit with the music well.

However, there were several things about the video that I did not like or were not very well executed. I really felt like the Slow-Mo scenes could have been used to greater effect. They are without a doubt the most visually stunning parts of the whole movie, and I think if you had worked them into parts of the video that were more significant in either terms of concept or changes in the music they would have had far more impact on the viewer. You might also want to stay away from the black flashes (for example, at about 1:20) as they are not terribly appealing.

I'm also not sure why you lowered the song audio at 3:34 and just threw in that whole scene with the kids. It really added nothing to the video to keep the scene audio in and the whole thing just really jarred me out of the mood you'd been trying to build.

The one thing that really killed it for me though, is the sudden switch in song at 4:40. It comes with no warning, there's no blending, and the new song sounds so different from the first one that it just doesn't fit at all. That's also the point where I realized the video was 7 minutes long. I'll be honest, I stopped watching after that because 5 minutes is already considered on the longish side for a video of this type and there was no good reason the video needs to be a full 7 minutes in length. If you'd selected your scenes a little more carefully, you could have easily covered the whole movie in 5 minutes.

Keep up the hard work though, I do think you have real some chops. I watched your Deus Ex video as well, and I actually ended up liking that one a bit more.
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Re: Dredd(2012) Music Video

Postby NME » Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:02 pm

I liked this film better when it was called Robocop.

Ppl still listen to this music which consists of a guy screaming broken English over a house beat. Ppl take comic books seriously enough to glorify them with movies that look like they were shot on a sound stage to look like a cheap music video. What a proud culture of triviality and gore porn.

Apart from the spiritual implications:

Inconsistently edited, ride the beat and give me something to feel or else you're just making viewers stare at fake looking CGI. Too many long cuts.
You really don't need to keep cutting back to Dredd making the :C face all the time. Something like that fits if the emotion of the scene dictates showing the viewer Dredd's emotional state.
Use black flashes sparingly. Not to the point where it becomes difficult to watch the video.
Too long, the ending segment is superfluous and repetitive.

Good for you breaking convention and putting some acting in your video, very artsy (like a puff daddy video from 1998). Unfortunately you're using acting from this movie so it basically just makes the tone of the video even more comedic to me.

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Re: Dredd(2012) Music Video

Postby DillonTaylor » Sun Sep 08, 2013 2:40 pm

Thanks for the in depth feedback guys/gals! :o
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