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Postby TEKnician » Wed May 02, 2012 11:28 pm


If you do not know THE SITUATION:
Spoiler :
dj_ultima_the_great wrote:The sheriff showed up at our house today. He said we have to leave as soon as possible.

Our electricity will be shut off on the seventh. I can't imagine that we can stay in this house past that, but as of right now, we have no apartment or other living situation set up for us.

I talked to my manager at work today, and she understands the predicament. (Crying in her office may or may not have had something to do with this.) She said to not worry if I'm suddenly unable to come into work one day. She knows I'm trying my hardest to keep all of this from affecting my job.

I'm honest-to-God terrified right now. I can't even begin to describe how frustrating it is to deal with my mother. She won't even allow me to be angry at her. She blames her previous silence about this whole situation on my "attitude." She felt like she couldn't talk to me. Right, because springing this shit on me a few days before the goddamn domestic apocalypse was a good idea. I'm sorry if I get infuriated at someone who caused this situation and can't take responsibility for it, and when she does, it's always with, "Yes, I fucked up our whole lives. What do you want me to do? Kill myself?"

No, I want you to stop being melodramatic and take some fucking ownership of your actions. You caused this, and you are NOT a victim. Dig your own grave; don't drag me into it with you. I called my sister earlier and asked her for money. I couldn't stop crying after I hung up the phone. I don't want her to think of me the same way that she does of Mom. She never would - I know that. She loves me and she said herself that she would sweep me out of here in a heartbeat, but I'm just not sure that that's an option. I'm desperate, but there is a certain border of sanity maintenance that I'm not willing to push past, and living with her would cross that border many a time, as badly as Mom, if in a different way.

Anyway, this is turning into a rant. I need to go entertain myself somehow. I need some laughter to balance out all the tears from today.


I am starting a thread to gather soldiers to join the brigade of people willing to offer help when called to duty. If you can, IN ANY WAY, offer assistance to our beloved Jen, please post a reply here stating what you would be willing to do. Although I have not communicated to her enough to know her on a personal level, from reading her recent posts, I feel more than compelled to do something.


From a certain standpoint, it seems like a monetary donation would be a first thought. If you would like to send a message to Jen (for fear we may never hear from her for a long time) please do so. Here is her .org profile

Almost as hard as fighting a Holy Paladin.

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