one close to me?

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one close to me?

Postby Digital_Sakura » Fri Jan 31, 2003 8:35 am

Hi,I gotta make this quick since I have to go to school in a couple of minutes, just cut down to the question.How many of you know of an AMV convention that's gonna be held in Georgia or Alabama this year?ANY help is MUCH appreciated!


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Postby Ashyukun » Fri Jan 31, 2003 8:39 am

Georgia... let's see- AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta), perhaps? Probably the biggest event AMV-wise there is, from what I've heard (I couldn't go last year, but will be there hell or high water this year).
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Postby The Wired Knight » Fri Jan 31, 2003 2:59 pm

Anime Weekend Atlanta is in Atlanta, that should be close enough to you and it's generally considered the best for AMVs.

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