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Postby butteredxbiscuit » Tue May 30, 2006 8:03 pm

i entered my video into the contest don't know if it was in the actual contest itself though and not just in the amv's they showed during the weekend.

anyone catch it?
a kingdom hearts video with the theme to Chronicles of Narnia.
it's called "Reaching out"
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Postby scottanime » Tue May 30, 2006 9:50 pm


now that I have had a full nights sleep in my own bed, a good meal without haveing irritiablity due to stress from the con, and have been properly re-hydrared, hopefully I can clear up a few topics regarding the Fanime AMV contest

1. Sound
A few thigns the bear in mind, yea the accustics are terrible in the Civic Auditorium, it is designed mainly as a live performace theater, nto a video presentation theater. It doesnt help when there are less peopel in the room than capacity, since the sounds then reflects off concrete floors, and metal seats, not people. It also doesnt help that musicfest did in fact blow out an amp the day before that was not repaired. And just for good mesure, we have to rely on the union reps to adjust the sound, we on fanime staff are not allowed to make any adjsutments to the sound board at all. Hence why we ask that you use the best audio possible, cause the venue isnt the greatest, but until we move to a new venue, I have to work with what I got.

2. AMV editor badges
The AMV editor badges that were sent out were an experiement this year. The purpose was to correct a long standing problem we have had over the years, which was to give all AMV editors easy priority seating to the AMV contest. In the past we have tried RSVP, we tried researved seating section, among other things, but always had an issue of some kind. I sent out these badges to each editor for a few reasons. Yes I know that not everyone can attend, but thsi way, it made sure that if an editor did show up, they had the tools for access to the priority seating. And if you didnt end up attending, then at least you get a trinket form the con, we dont have a great budget to give out lots of prizes and such, so I try to give our editors something to show that we are so thankful that they supported our event.

3. Title bumpers
I understand that yea having all the credits before the video can have peopel cheer or groan before a video ever starts, but I guess the topic for debate is does it really have an effect on the voteing outcome? We still would put the information at the end of the video, unless it is thought that would skew the results as well. I guess right now my attitude is that this is a contest and as a result we put the full information before and after each video so that the voters have access to all the information available. But certainly I am up for suggestions, If I return next year I expect to make an overhaul of the judgeing and awards system, so makeing a change to the title card system could certainly be a viable change.

4. Notification
Typically I only notify editors that make it into the finals that their video is in, the others I leave no notification and that means they are in the AMV overload event. The first reason for this is that I do like to have a small amount of mystery of what videos will be shown in the finals, I always have a fear that if the full play list is released prior to the con, then lots of peopel will simply download all the videos...and not attend the event, which can effect the turnout, which in turn may lead to my termination of the position of AMV Coordinator. Another reason is that the list is fully finalized so close to the convention, that there simply is not time to notify them all, While some of my emails may look like it, I dont batch email individual results, so if I notify someone they are in or out, I write them an individula message, and with over 60 editors, that can take a long time for someone who types as terribly as I do.

Well I did say I was gunna quit after 2005, but I came back in 2006, and as far as I know there is interest in haveing me come back for 2007. Although immediately my attention is on the AMV Contest for Nan Desu Kan Oct 6-8
While I do think the judgeing staff concept I developed over the years is a good idea, I have found that over time I have disagreed more and more with the rest of the judges and have given them too much authority to override my thoughts. On a side note this authority lead to a edit that was made which deeply upset another editor in the AMV Overload event, I was deeply saddened that they were so upset over the change, but it was a judges decision. So certainly next year, there will be alot of changes, and I welcome any and all suggestions on how to make next years show even better. I strive to make the AMV contest new and exciteing and any input I can get from the AMV community will certainly be welcomed and considered.

that being said.....get your videos in to NDK!!! Times a wasteing!!!
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Full list

Postby NekoNoToshi » Wed May 31, 2006 8:15 pm

I saw the awards show, but they said that if we wanted to see ALL the videos submitted, that they would give the ballots out. On the awards page at it only allows us to see some of the videos, why is that? And will we be able to see all of them later?

PS. Congrats to the winners
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Postby Nydyne » Thu Jun 01, 2006 2:32 am

I speculate that those are the only videos that are available on the org. It will be the editor's choice to make them publicly accessible.
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Postby andyscout » Thu Jun 01, 2006 11:00 am

this was my first convention, so i thought the contest was amazing. i'd say you did a good job scott. i think the badges idea was good. definately a cool keepsake, and it seems more organized than the other methods you mentioned.

i'm also curious what people thought about my video. it wasn't in the finals (after all, it was my first con), but it was shown at the overload event. i felt pretty happy with the crowd response.
see it here:
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Postby NekoNoToshi » Thu Jun 01, 2006 1:51 pm

andyscout wrote:i'm also curious what people thought about my video. it wasn't in the finals (after all, it was my first con), but it was shown at the overload event. i felt pretty happy with the crowd response.
see it here:

I remember seeing yours; I enjoyed it. I had even told my mom about it when I came home and was telling her about some of the things I'd seen.
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Postby andyscout » Mon Jun 05, 2006 11:47 am

awesome. thanks
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Postby lilyakka » Mon Jun 05, 2006 6:51 pm

congratz to all, it was good contest
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