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Re: Anime Mid-Atlantic AMV results

Postby LCY84 » Tue Jun 21, 2005 6:39 am

I wish i had replying before but i had no time due to school exams....

I'm laughing about people always complying about after effects on videos, saying those kind of vids are always most effect-oriented, without anything behind the effects. IMO, those kind of ppl are just envious persons, too lazy to learn the basics of this software and who prefer waste their time criticising videos using after effects instead of trying to use it correctly by themselves :?
There are several really famous videos out there using AE in differents ways and some are really really well done IMO. Sometimes, ppl use ae too heavily for nothing but that's not the case everytime .do you think it would be possible to make shounen bushidou, whisper of the beast, charcoal sketched dreams or recollection (for example) without ae?; i guess no. Well, it would be possible by using some photo soft but would be way too long. I'm not making a comparaison between my vids and those masterpieces but trying to explain some ppl have to respect those works even if this is not their taste.

Tono_Fyr wrote:
Brakus wrote:"Das Omen" won the Judge's Award. Still goes to show you, videos with (well-used) After Effects still win contests more often than those that don't (use them at all).

But, that video not only sucked conceptually, but the effects were poorly timed and didn't capture the mood of the song. Not to say that AE CAN"T be used to make good stuff, but I'm saying that that particular video was rather shity, and this is comming from someone who REALLY wanted to like it (I love the song).

After Effects wasn't well used, it was used as a cover for a shity vid :?

About my video (das omen) now, i'm tired of stupid ppl saying "OMG EFFECTS, WEIRD TIMING....", especially you Tono_Fyr because i already knew your point of view on the video :o
I now everyone's opinion on the subject is different and i have to accept all of these but i don't think a litle person like you can be omniscient (i assume you're not god, neh :? ), so you might do not like the video but don t flame about it saying all the time "this video has nothing....". I personnally think this is my best individual work from now and i tried to create something NEW with both, the anime and the song : on some effects i know it was a failure (for example the 3d mosaic that ppl may don't like), but also on some others it wasn't, at least IMO.
I can be wrong but i guess if i was totally wrong the video didn't win 3 of the 4 contests it was submited (maybe all the judges were AE-fans and love E nome or VHD but i don't think that was the case for all of the cons..... :roll: )

/end of "criticisms", I'm glad i won those 3 awards and congrats to all the winners. :wink:

PS : into the fire was a collaborative video (made by Dark-Krystal, Olw, yonestie and I), all honours aren't to be mine and i must say WE're happy it won best drama.

PS' : At least a quarter of into the fire was made on AE, btw :roll:


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Postby BasharOfTheAges » Tue Jun 21, 2005 5:35 pm

dokool wrote:Damn, I misread that and thought Justin beat me in Parody for a moment :shock:

I would have gloated forever if i had :lol:

EDIT (OMG an edit button :) )

According to the email i was sent to confirm my shipping address, i came in 2nd. :P
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Postby Joykiller » Tue Jun 21, 2005 7:53 pm

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to jump in here for a sec....

Reguardless of anything else, I thought all of the videos were awesome this year. Bar none. It was a real honor to recieve submissions from alot of the editors that I have so much respect for.

This being the first time I have ever run a contest, I was extremely pleased that I had a chance to show off such great videos since, like I said at closing ceremonies, it is the videos that really make the contest what it is.. not the people presenting it.

All the people I got to meet this weekend were just awesome. I got to talk with Bryan (AKA Gene Starwind 21122), Jeremy (AKA Brakus), Misty (AKA MistyCaldwell), and Adam Porrovecchio. ALL of them were cool as shit, and I can't say enough good things about them all.

I also wanted to add that I meet a great guy named Scott Miller that submitted a video called "Drift Memories". Despite the fact that his video got cut due to time restraints, he was just an awesome guy and a damn good sport about it. I really enjoyed getting to talk to him at the con, and look forward to seeing him again next year.

I feel bad that all of this drama is happening in a thread about AMA, since AMA was nothing but an awesome time for me. I got to make alot of good friends, including Brakus. He was clearly upset about the results, but I think that the inital post that he made in this thread was a decent way to be about it. I may not agree with his views (hell I made my entire part of the presentation in AE after all :P) But I certainly think he has a right to say what he did if that is how he truely feels. Plus I feel that he was rather civil about it espcially considering how strongly I know he feels about it.

Jeremy and Bryan also contributed alot to the AMV FAQ Panel we had on friday, and I would like to thank them both for that.

That being said, I don't want all of this bickering to overshadow what the contest really was all about. I think overall everyone that was there had a good time, so if we could take all of this fueding outside of this thread, it would prolly be best for everyone involved. ;;^^

The only thing that would have made the con even better would have been having more of you all there to share in the fun with us. If more of you can make it to the con next year, that would certainly be awesome. All I can say is that if you weren't there you DEFINATELY missed out. (just ask the people that were there ;) )

Thanks again to every single one of you that sent in a video. It was truly an honor to show them this year, and I can't wait to see what you all have in store for us next year!!

Thank you all so much!
-Drew "Joykiller" Stallings

Bakadeshi wrote:Oh and Joykiller, looks from all the comments that all your preperation and work payed off, congrats to a contest well executed and run smoothly. I'll probably submit again next year. Hope the contest continues to grow for ya.

Thanks!, I definately agree that it all payed off in the end, and I am likewise looking forward to seeing what you have for us next year ^^[/quote]

[Kalium: Kill the flames already, folks. This thread is about the AMA contest results, not Brakus.]
Former Anime Mid-Atlantic AMV Contest Coordinator

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mad props

Postby khyron » Fri Jun 24, 2005 1:32 pm

Hey folks, had to ring in and drop some good words for the Joykiller team who totally ROCKED this year's AMV contest. You two have totally infused renewed enthusiasm into a good convention that just keeps getting better and have totally rebirthed what has traditionally been one of the weaker links in the AMA experience.

I hope you realize you've really raised the bar for other departments!

Speaking as an AMV fanatic and as someone who largely goes to cons specifically to experience AMV contests in person I cannot say enough nice stuff about how impressive the show was this year. Congrats to ALL the editors who participated as well, the quality presentation this year was amplified by your excellent works.

Looking forward to next year, and any other conventions (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more) you might be assisting with in the future! By the way the panel was cool too, and not just because the HVAC was absolutely frigid in there. Good job and welcome to staff, please stick around for a long time!

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Postby burntoast » Fri Jun 24, 2005 1:49 pm

It sounds like you guys really did a great job running the contest, so congrats to you Joykiller and everyone else for their work this year. :) Seems like a lot of great vids were shown also and I'm glad some people liked the vid I sent for Drama/Romance. Here's to another successful contest next year around!
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