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AV Conection AMV Results

Postby Declan_Vee » Sat Jul 26, 2003 10:35 am

Here they are. I'm only a week late... bah, better late then never.
This year we had four finalists, sadly like last year... the prizes weren't that great. Here they are in no real order, well "Best of show" is up top, and it's only natural for the runner-up to go after that...

Best of show
"This is your Life - Lain" Xan Smith (Xombie Studios)

Runner-up, Best of show
"Heartbreaker" Stuart Brunne (Nexus)

Test for inferior codec award
"Melodie of Faye" Justin Bairstow (Deaths_ally)

The Audigy has too many plugs award
"Nursery Rhyme" (Kopikat Studios)

Hah, I see you've noticed that the finalists have been given awards based on technical problems we had. The only difference this time, is the videos in question had nothing to do with the problems.

Cheers to all who entered and I hope to see your new developments in time for AV Connection '04
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