Genericon AMV Contest 2014

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Genericon AMV Contest 2014

Postby Genericon » Tue Nov 19, 2013 4:25 pm

Genericon is having another AMV contest!

We are deeply sorry for last year’s contest and our lack of professionalism, but this year will be different.

We have made some changes, so there won’t be any issues similar to last year’s contest.

The judging will be done beforehand, so the winners will receive their prizes at the event or at Ops after the event, just in case you preoccupied at the time. The contest coordinator will notify every participant, of who won the contest for each category, comedy, horror/drama, action and adventure, romance, judges’ favorite, and viewer’s favorite. Prizes are listed on the website, and have been ordered.

The rules and requirements are posted on the website,, along with an updated submission form, which will notify you when your submission has gone through. Just click the contests tab, where you can fill in the AMV submission form. If you have already submitted an AMV, and have not received an e-mail notifying you that your AMV was accepted, then please contact the contest coordinator. We would hate to find out, that somebody’s AMV was unnoticed.

If you have questions, issues, or problems, please notify the contest coordinator. His contact info is listed below:

If you are interested in our contest please submit your AMV. Submissions will be accepted from today to the Friday of January 24, 2014.

Genercion XXVII will be held the weekend of February 28-March 2, 2014.

If you were a contestant last year, we would like to apologize once again for our ineptitude. The AMV contest is a recently added event, so we had limited experience; in addition we selected a new contest coordinator last year, who was unprepared. We have learned from our mistakes. All equipment will be checked, contestants will be properly notified, and winners will receive their prizes. We hope last year won’t discourage your entry into our AMV contest.

If there is anybody who feels their AMV’s deserves to be shown on the big screen, please enter our contest. This goes out to everyone, from beginners, to previous contestants.

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