SaipherONE Productions AMV Open!

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SaipherONE Productions AMV Open!

Postby SaipherOne » Fri Sep 27, 2013 7:48 pm

SaipherONE productions is hosting their first open amv contest!


For this contest we have decided on a theme contest, and the theme is:
Human Societies Struggle for Law and Order.

Feel free to be creative and abstract with this theme, or be direct using an anime's plot which revolves around a similar idea.

Grading Criteria:

Originality: This encompasses anime/song pairing, use of special effects and transitions and tactful use of a scenes original sounds (character conversation or music). Total of 5 Points may be awarded.

Quality: This looks at the quality of your AMV, to include how well your scenes mesh with your songs beat, clarity of picture and sound, inclusion/exclusion of subtitles. Total of 5 Points may be awarded.

Theme: This grade is awarded on how well your AMV reflects the theme of the contest. Total of 5 Points may be awarded.

Enjoyment: This grade is based on the enjoyment the judges had in reviewing your AMV, after all thats what it all comes down to, how enjoyable it is for people to watch. Total of 10 Points may be awarded.

NOTE: a score of 0 for theme will DQ you from winning the contest, an email will be sent to the contestant asking about how it meets the theme to them before the 0 is finalized.

Total points= 25

Reward: A $25 E-Gift Card or $20 Gift Card of the winners choosing.

Submit a copy of your AMV to
Submission Deadline: October 11, 2013. ... 0817477478

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