Sabotencon 2013 AMV Contest

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Re: Sabotencon 2013 AMV Contest

Postby seiferstrike19 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 10:44 pm

Ok guys, results are posted on Saboten Con forums but will save you the hassle by posting here!

First off, huge thanks to all of our competitors and attendees! I do hope you all enjoyed the awesome videos we received for this years' contest.

It was definitely a battle of the best and brightest, but here are our 2013 Saboten-Con Anime Music Video Contest winners!


1st: "Bombs Over Redline" by editor James "Hereticked" Poulette

2nd: "Magi, the Dayman" by editor Matthew "BakaOppai" Gutierrez


1st: "Hall of Fame" by editor Doug "Drabaz" Cruces

2nd: "Beauty and the Wolf" by editor Stephen "StephenMcC55" McConnell


1st: "Shinji did (NOT) Have Sex" by editor L33tmeatwad & snapxynith

2nd: "QComedie" by editor Viengxay "General-Guy" Matthayasack

We had over two dozen entries and hope for even more next year. Thanks everyone!
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Re: Sabotencon 2013 AMV Contest

Postby StephenMcC56 » Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:20 am

Awesome 2nd place for Drama. Thank you to all the staff and the people that was at the convention. This AMV still 2nd every time, 2nd time it finished 2nd still looking for 1st but a 2nd is better then not be placed. :D

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Re: Sabotencon 2013 AMV Contest

Postby GeneralGuyAmv » Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:24 am

Second place in comedy. Not bad not bad...Gratz to all who entered!
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Re: Sabotencon 2013 AMV Contest

Postby squidhime » Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:44 am

Congratulations everyone! Some great videos here >w<
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