Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15)

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Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15)

Postby ibmman » Mon Jan 28, 2013 8:06 pm

The AMV Contest for Tora-Con 2013 is now accepting submissions!
Tora-Con 2013 will be the ninth year! Tora-con is a two day con in Rochester, NY and will be March 23 & 24.

Contest info:
Submission Deadline- March 15th 2013
Info Page
Contest Instructions & Rules
PDF Entry Form
Word Doc Entry Form
Accepting videos via web upload and postal mail this year- see rules/instructions & the info page for full info.
Questions? Comments? Send a message to (but read the rules first!)

Looking forward to see what we get this year!

Edit: The con is over, RESULTS POSTED IN POST BELOW. Thanks!
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Re: Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15

Postby XxAndreixuxX » Sun Feb 10, 2013 4:20 pm

Hi!! I have a question, If we are from Spain can we participate in the AMV contest? :?: :D
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Re: Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15

Postby ibmman » Tue Feb 12, 2013 7:20 pm

Sure! Don't have to be at the con to participate (or to win).
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Re: Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15

Postby SprinkleSprankles » Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:37 am

I live only two hours away from this! Wish I could make it! :dino:
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Re: Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15

Postby ibmman » Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:18 am

About two weeks left to get your videos in! If you've got friends that make AMVs, tell them too!
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Re: Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15

Postby ibmman » Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:23 pm

Only about one week left until the submission deadline!
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Re: Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15

Postby ibmman » Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:45 pm

Okay! Tora-Con 2013 is over and now that life has returned to almost-normal, it's about time to update this thread with the AMV Contest results! We ended up with more submissions than ever before, so thanks to all the editors and congrats to the winners!
The list of participating videos is below. Winners are shown in bold (for both popular and judge awards).
The list is also posted in the Tora-Con forum at
Thanks again and we hope to see some more great videos next year!

Action Category

1. Video: “Live or Die” by TritioAFB
Song: “Tragedy” by Celldweller
Anime: Btooom!

2. Video: “Macross Zero: Mission Fugue” by falconkpd
Song: “Mission Fuga” by Angels
Anime: Macross Zero

3. Video: “Erza & Cana Don’t Know How to Stop” by XxAndreixuxX
Song: “Don’t Know How to Stop” by Halestorm
Anime: Fairy Tail

4. Video: “Seven Nation Army” by strawberrirokku
Song: “Seven Nation Army” by The Glitch Mob
Anime: Sword Art Online
Action Category Winner!

5. Video: “Persona 4 - Fire Burns” by MYSTICSKITZOBLOOD
Song: “This Fire Burns” by Killswitch Engage
Anime: Persona 4

6. Video: “Last Leaguer Standing” by Fatala
Song: “Last Man Stands” by Dragonforce
Anime: Shippu! Iron Leaguer

7. Video: “Precure Revolution” by moonie
Song: “Naked Mind” by Masami Okui
Anime: Pretty Cure (Various)

8. Video: “[Witchcraft] Guilty Crown AMV” by SprinkleSprankles
Song: “Witchcraft” by Pendulum
Anime: Guilty Crown
"Technical Merit for Efffects" Winner!

Comedy / Parody

9. Video: “Eat It” by msdbzbleachfan
Song: “Eat It” by Weird Al Yankovic
Anime: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z

10. Video: “This Wasn’t in the Dub” by satoshisakura
Song: “Gay Boyfriend” by The Hazzards
Anime: Card Captor Sakura
Comedy/Parody Category Winner!

11. Video: “High School Zombie Slayer” by grizz4321
Song: “I’ll Make a Zombie Slayer Out of You” by Kimmi Smiles
Anime: High School of the Dead

12. Video: “Blast Past” by tmhrrgn
Song: “Speed Racer” by Devo
Anime: Various

13. Video: “Cowboy Who” by A. Fresca
Song: Dr. Who Season 6 Trailer & Theme
Anime: Cowboy Bebop

14. Video: “A Mockingjay” by davenfonet
Song: The Hunger Games Trailer
Anime: Fate Stay/Night Unlimited Bladeworks

15. Video: “Happy Ball Z” by moonie
Song: “Happy Day!” by Yui Sakakibara
Anime: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z


16. Video: “Wish” by satoshisakura
Song: “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton
Anime: Kobato

17. Video: “La Corda d’Oro Favorite Song” by Clover13
Song: “Favorite Song” by Colbie Caillat
Anime: La Corda d’Oro

18. Video: “BFB” by Advent87
Song: “My Best Friend’s Brother” by Victoria Justice
Anime: B Gata H Kei
Romance Category Winner!

19. Video: “Oh No…” by startrinity009
Song: “Missing You” by John Waite
Anime: Various

Upbeat / Other

20. Video: “Nothing Suits Tamaki Like a Suit” by masteranimegirl
Song: “Nothing Suits Me Like a Suit” by Neil Patrick Harris
Anime: Ouran High School Host Club

21. Video: “When I’m Tachikoma” by Snickety-snake
Song: “When I’m Sixty-Four” by The Beatles
Anime: Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex

22. Video: “Dare Mighty Things” by LantisEscudo
Song: “So Long, Lonesome” by Explosions in the Sky
Anime: Various

23. Video: “NHK! Troll Mix” by daigurrenliz
Song: Various
Anime: Welcome to the NHK!
Upbeat/Other Category Winner!

24. Video: “Don’t Stop Arale Now” by Roachlord
Song: “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen
Anime: Dr. Slump
"Judge's Choice" Winner!


25. Video: “Tritium” by TritioAFB
Song: “Burn” by Mad at Gravity
Anime: Various
"Technical Merit for Editing" Winner!

26. Video: “Hear the Sound” by strawberrirokku
Song: “Hear the Sound” by Eyeshine
Anime: Various
"Best in Show" Winner!

27. Video: “Contracting Lesbians” by MycathatesyouAMV
Song: “The Mating Game” by Bittersweet
Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

28. Video: “Holding On” by [MadaraxD]
Song: “Mouth 2 Mouth” by Kate Haynevik
Anime: Various

29. Video: “Embers” by davenfonet
Song: “Embers” by Owl City
Anime: Accel World

30. Video: “Revolution of Sin” by YamiTenouStudios
Song: “Breath of Life” by Florence + The Machine
Anime: Revolutionary Girl Utena

31. Video: “Illusion” by Kimberly
Song: “Dreamer” by Uh Huh Her
Anime: Perfect Blue

32. Video: “Rideback Girl” by Advent87
Song: “Superman” by Five for Fighting
Anime: Rideback

33. Video: “Paint it Black” by fmarocks013
Song: “Paint it Black” by The Rolling Stones
Anime: Darker than Black

34. Video: Cockpit Angels by plankster
Song: “Blazing Angels Main Theme” by Jason Graves
Anime: The Cockpit

35. Video: “[The Saint]” by SprinkleSprankles
Song: “The Saint” by Nick Murray
Anime: Sword Art Online

36. Video: “Where They Hide” by disillusioning
Song: “Demons” by Imagine Dragons
Anime: Munto
Drama Category Winner!

37. Video: “Fall Asleep” by SwordHappyFox826
Song: “Don’t Fall Asleep at the Helm” by Sleeping with Sirens
Anime: Various

38. Video: “A Tron to Remember” by BAD ASTERICK
Song: “Have Faith in Me” by A Day to Remember
Anime: Sword Art Online
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Re: Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15

Postby SwordHappyFox826 » Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:17 pm

Congrats to everyone who won in the contest all your videos did really awesome :)
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Re: Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15

Postby TritioAFB » Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:21 pm

Congrats to the winners
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Re: Tora-Con 2013 AMV Contest - Now Open! (Deadline March 15

Postby strawberrirokku » Mon Apr 01, 2013 1:59 am

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