Shinboku Con 7 AMV CONTEST

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Shinboku Con 7 AMV CONTEST

Postby Stiletto » Fri Jan 18, 2013 1:04 pm

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hello everyone,

Shinboku Con will be having an AMV contest this year


General Rules
Note: The following rules are subject to change at any point in time. However, notification will be given on the forums to any changes made to the rules or submission deadline. Entries sent to previous Shinboku Con competitions are not eligible.
All entries must be submitted by midnight MONDAY MARCH 11TH SUNDAY MARCH 31ST (entries postmarked after this date will
not be accepted). See submission guidelines for more details.
Please note that this is a PG rated convention, and as such, videos that contain excessive mature content will not be accepted. No obscene language please (email if you require clarification of this rule). Videos must not exceed five minutes of length. Entrants can submit a maximum of three videos. Videos must not contain bumpers, title screens, credits, or any other forms of creator and/or footage/ audio identification. If a video does contain any of the previously stated identification they may either be re-encoded (decreasing the quality of the video) or disqualified from the competition at the discretion of the AMV coordinators. 70% of the video must contain anime and/or video game footage. Videos must be of the individual’s creation, plagiarising other peoples work will not be tolerated and will result in bans from future competitions The AMV coordinator reserves the right to disqualify entries for any reason they see necessary to protect the overall quality and integrity of the event. These reasons can include: Poor video or audio quality. Failure to conform to the rules. The contest is open to international entries and does not require contestants to attend the conventions (however, it is preferred for domestic contestants). Prizes and awards will not be mailed to winners who do not attend the convention. By submitting an entry to Shinboku Con, the video editor grants Shinboku Con non-revocable permission to exhibit and distribute that work. The video editor otherwise retains all rights and responsibilities relating to its creation. The retention of all copyrights remains with the original holder of any and all copyrights. By sending in an entry to the competition, you agree to all the rules listed above.
Contest Structure
Category and award descriptions are guidelines only. The AMV coordinator may add, change, or eliminate categories as they see fit. The competition is divided into two categories, judge and fan votes. Judge Votes – An anonymous panel of Judges will view eligible entries and vote for the best videos, prior
to the convention. The following categories will apply for the 2013 Shinboku Con AMV competition:
Action and/or Upbeat
Drama and/or Romance
Comedy and/or Trailer
Best Technical
Best Overall
Fan Favorite – At the screening of the AMV competition at Shinboku Con, judging forms will be available
from the AMV coordinators as well as distributed randomly to the crowd. Videos will be judged by the
audience with the top video receiving the award of “Fan Favorite”. This video is also eligible for awards
in the judge vote categories.

Submission Guidelines
Submissions must be in digital format only (no VHS submissions will be accepted). All AMV’s will be tested upon arrival and if any issues with codecs etc, you will be asked to make any necessary changes and submit again. The earlier you get your entry in, the more time we have to fix any problems Submissions can be submitted online. We will be playing from computers, connected to sound systems
and projectors.
Please send the best quality possible. This is not a specific requirement for videos and your entry will not
be judged or excluded from the competition based on it. It is more for your sake more than anything else.
If submitting a large lossless copy, please include a compressed copy (XviD/DivX/x264) as well.

Online Submissions
For online submissions simply host your video online and email your video details to the AMV coordinator ( Please do not link to a youtube video as we need to have a copy that can be transferred to an external hard drive for the convention. You will receive a confirmation email when the AMV coordinator has received your entry, downloaded it and confirmed that it works. Please keep the file under 300 megabytes for online submissions, you can do this by using a program like Handbrake to re-encode the video once exported out of your editing program. Please include the following details when submitting (via email to your video to the Shinboku Con AMV Competition: Name (real name) Online Alias (optional)
Studio (optional)
E-mail Address
Intention to attend the convention (I will be attending/I won’t be attending/I may be attending)
And for each video entered include the following information:
Names of other editors who have contributed to video (if applicable, where other editors have edited
sections of the video or collaborated)
Video Title
Video Sources (if over 5 just use ‘various’)
Song Title
Song Artist
Video Category (if unsure just say ‘not sure’)
Video Runtime
URL (link to video for online submission only)

Contact if you have any questions or problems and good luck!
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Re: Shinboku Con 7 AMV CONTEST

Postby Stiletto » Fri Feb 15, 2013 2:40 am

there are still plenty of spots open so feel free to send in your submissions to

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Re: Shinboku Con 7 AMV CONTEST

Postby MycathatesyouAMV » Sun Apr 21, 2013 3:40 pm

Winners ?
Add me on skype cause im bored: Mycathatesyou0000

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