Tsukino-Con 2013 AMV Contest

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Tsukino-Con 2013 AMV Contest

Postby chaoscubix » Sun Aug 26, 2012 1:33 pm

Hello everyone!

Tsukino-Con is a small anime convention held every year at the University of Victoria, in Victoria, Canada (http://www.tsukinocon.com). We are now accepting submissions to our AMV contest. Deadline: January 31st, 2013

Video Guidelines
- No Subtitles (unless you add them in for effect yourself)
- You can submit as many AMVs as you'd like, however, you are only guaranteed one video having a place in the contest, assuming that you've followed all the other rules for submission.
- All AMV content should be rated PG-13. (This applies to both the video content and the audio)
- No pornography. Period. Nudity is on the edge, as long as it isn't excessive or graphic.
- Entries must be Anime or J-Culture Themed. Video Games are generally fine as well.
- Videos must be between 90 seconds to 6 minutes in length.
- Please cut out extraneous trailers and production clips, however please include a short clip of where the footage is from, the song title and the artist of the song.

Submission Guidelines
- Title your amv like so: TITLE WHERE FOOTAGE CAME FROM - SONG TITLE - SONG ARTIST (if multiple animes are used just say "various")
- There are 2 main ways to submit your videos:
1) via YouSendIt.com, Rapidshare, Skydrive or an animemusicvideo.org link. We cannot pull YouTube videos.
2) via data CD, or data DVD which can be mailed to the UVic Anime Club's mailbox

Anime Club
UVic Students' Society
University of Victoria
PO Box 3035 STN CSC
Victoria BC V8W 3P3

- Please send your submissions to: amv@tsukinocon.com
- If you are having problems uploading or sending us your video, send us an email (amv@tsukinocon.com)
- If you want, you may suggest a category you'd like to see your video in, however we have ultimate discretion as to what category it will end up in.
-- Our categories are:
General and Character Profiles
Action and Horror
Dance and Flashy Beats
Drama and Romance
Comedy and WTF

The video with the most votes from each category will be declared the winner of that category. The video with the most votes overall is deemed "Best in Show". As a tradition of our contest we hold an "AMV Smackdown" before closing ceremonies each year where we pit this years winners against last years winners. If that video wins against last years winner than it is also deemed a Smackdown winner. If you are not present at Tsukino-Con we will notify you by email that your video won.

Thank you,
Amy and Krystyn
Tsukino-Con 2013 AMV Contest Coordinators

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