Azure Dawn 72h Iron Chef Competition

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Azure Dawn 72h Iron Chef Competition

Postby TheKnightOutlaw » Sun Nov 06, 2011 6:57 pm

Azure Dawn 72h Iron Chef Competition

Music Pack: Later

Hello and welcome to Demonic Desire's first Iron Chef. It will be a three day or 72 hour IC which will take place on November 25th-27th.
Anyone and everyone is welcome. It is a one time/one round competition meaning there isn't a 2nd round. You can sign up for the Iron Chef
until it officially starts.

1. No stealing make the clip yourself.
2. You must use a song in the song pack given to you (will be released later) and you must state what song,anime,etc that you use.
3. You can join as a M.E.P group or individual. If your joining as M.E.P name all your members.
4. You must upload your Clip to a File Hosting Site. (ex. Megaupload, MultiUpload, Rapidshare).
5. Don't release your clip before the Iron Chef is over unless it is private.
6. To join just say post here saying that your interested.
7. Please upload your video on time if its late it will most likely by taken(depending on reason) although please have integrity and don't try to cheat.

1. Your clip will be judged without biased, this is just for fun.
2. Your video will be given a score out of 10. (The scores will be released publicly)
3. There will also be a participants choice vote/award all the participants will be able to choose their favorite after the official judging.


Will be posted soon.

Questions will be responded to ASAP.

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