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Postby TCOMS » Thu Sep 22, 2011 3:10 pm

Hello everyone! I'm Matt, leader of the band Telecommunicators. We are a new wave/rock group from Nashville, TN. Also, I love anime.
I would like to offer an AMV contest for AMVs using any of the five songs from our new EP, which you can hear in its entirety at


The top 5 would be shown off on our facebook and reverbnation pages, and the top three would win the following fabulous prizes:

Third Place: A copy of the EP.

Second Place: A copy of the EP plus a Telecommunicators T-shirt, normally only available at our shows and certain to make you the envy of every Johnny and Jane on the block.

First Place: The EP, the shirt and a $25 amazon gift card, so you can get something you want really bad!

Please give the music a listen and see if you get any ideas! Those who want to give it a try can contact me for copies of the tracks or, let's be honest, just pirate them somewhere.

Is anyone up to the challenge? If there is sufficient interest, the contest will go forward.

Digitally yours,

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