Miyako AMV Contest [Deadline: 20 sept ]

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Miyako AMV Contest [Deadline: 20 sept ]

Postby ProjectBarcodeError » Fri Sep 16, 2011 10:26 pm

To begin with,you have my excuses for the extremely late announcement,it's because some key members of the staff left without noticing, and we add to recreate all the ftp system. :cry:

So there it is The convention of anime / comic of Quebec, Cape & Kimono,is holding its first amv contest. and as a judge and helper with the proper functioning of the broadcast, I inform you of the event.



The contest AMV (Anime Music Video) and CMV (Comic Video) is open to all except members of AMV Quebec, the festival staff and judges.

There is a limit of one video per participant for the support and one participation for the Miyako Challenge(explained later). The video submitted for the contest must not have been public until 2011, on the web or otherwise.to sum up; a 2010 amv is not eligible, but a 2011 one, yes .

Selection Process:

A pre-selection will be made according to the criteria outlined below. A bit less than a week of adjustment will be allowed. The actual assessment begins September 23.

The evaluation will be made individually by the judges and a geometric mean of the assessments will be established for the final result.

Special awards (still to define) will be awarded by consensus of the judges. Honorable mentions will be awarded to finalists.

All Videos qualified will be presented during the festival.

Regulations videos:

All videos submitted to the contest must meet the following criteria:

No nudity
No intense violence (decapitation, organs visible, etc ...)
The video must be suitable for audiences of all ages.
Its all video formats accepted, with the exception of. MOV and. WMV
The video must be in NTSC format and a minimum resolution of 640 × 480. HD is fine too .
Two versions of the video will be required, a version with the signature of the editor for presentation at the festival, and a version without the logo or signature for evaluation by the judges.

The videos will be judged against three criteria:

Assembly: Assessing the technical aspect of the AMV: use of special effects, adjusting images with music, transitions, etc.. (40% of score)
Quality: Evaluating the aspect of the film AMV: choice of music over video footage, the presence of a narrative, regularity in the video (40% of score)
Creativity: Evaluation of the originality of the AMV: unique concept, specific use of certain elements, etc.. This is what makes the AMV single (20% of score)

Awards: Awarded to editors who have obtained the highest score for a particular endpoint (a prize for the best AMV with the assembly, a prize for the AMV with the best quality, etc ...).
Selection of Judges: The judges' favorite AMV.
Price SuperStar: The choice of the public.
Whitewing Price: Best AMV in all categories.
Miyako Price: Best Miyako AMV challenge presented .

The Miyako challenge :

For 2011, our mascot Miyako wants to celebrate the opening of Cape & Kimono to other genres in addition to the comic and anime. She invites you to show your talent for mixing genres. Using scenes from anime, comics and video games, Miyako invites you to submit a ACSFHFMV (Anime-Comic-Sci-Fi-Horror-Fantasy Music Video). Who will be brave enough to attempt an assembly comprising all these genres together?



then tranfer a file (preferably zipped) containing these following :

your amv-no identification (no outro, intro, name of studio, etc ... for the judging)

your amv-complete (the one who will be braodcasted)

-a document file (word or notepad) containing the following:

full name of the publisher
pseudonym of the editor
name of the studio / team (optional)
complete home address (for sending prices)
phone number (optional)
name of your video:
name or artist of the soundtrack:
name / the sound / music:
names of the video sources used (if more than 3, write "various")

then send a e-mail at cargo@hyberia.ca to confirm your entry

If you have problems with the FTP, ask in Private Message or via the forum post but the methods shown above should be more than sufficient. in the worst case, you can send me your zipped file from a download link(megaupload,rapidshare,mediafire,etc...), sent in my org private message box, or to my e-mail: barcode_error@hotmail.com ( don't be shy, it's not a bot X) )

Thank you for your understanding and I hope for your participation.Hope my english was ok, i'm not used to write such long and technical speeches.
i'll pass quite often during the week-end if there's any problem.

Aside for the results being sent ASAP at the Org, they'll be a live broadcasting of the event. the link for the Livestream will be sent soon.
AND winners will be announced on ActuAMV's Twitter.[it's in French but it should be simple to understand ^^ )

(oh and noticed it got posted twice... dunno why, the other one can be removed ^^'' )

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