The AMV Inferno at MegaCon 2011 (presented by Anime Sushi)

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The AMV Inferno at MegaCon 2011 (presented by Anime Sushi)

Postby SushiBoyJared » Thu Jan 06, 2011 12:07 pm

For the first time ever, Anime Sushi will present the The AMV Inferno at MegaCon (March 25th - 27th, 2011, Orange County Convention Center, Hall D, 9800 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819) alongside our usual AMV Contest.

Why? Because the Inferno commands us.

The AMV Inferno does not like anyone, but it accepts all equally. The AMV Inferno is a ruler unto its own kingdom. Its kingdom is one of satire and unfriendliness. The AMV Inferno has commanded Anime Sushi to hold an event for it. This event is a chance for people whose videos do not conform to the “typical” AMV contest rules to get their videos seen. This pleases the Inferno.


The Day on Which the Inferno has Commanded Us to Hold the Event: Friday, March 25th
Deadline: Sunday, March 6th (if you will be submitting a video in advance) Extended!! Get it to me by Wednesday March 16th.
Formats: Quicktime, Mpeg4, Mpeg2, Mpeg1, AVI (specific format instructions below)
Who can enter: Anyone
Prize for winning: A prize, a certificate, and a mini-parade (not kidding), basking in the glow of the Inferno.
Contact: Jared, email at, or at, who serves the Inferno
Do I need to read the rest of the rules?: Only if you want to please the Inferno.

Read the full rules here (or below): The AMV Inferno Full Rules.

Check out post about the regular AMV Contest Here:

Edit: I've added the full rules due to some issues seeing them on our site -

Rules for Submission:

The AMV Inferno is an event that provides a space for videos that wouldn’t otherwise be shown at the AMV Contest. Here is what the Inferno has commanded us to accept:

1.) Video creators whose work was not appropriate for the AMV Contest (content, source material, quality, etc.) will be invited to submit their work, instead, to the AMV Inferno.

2.) New AMV creators who are not sure about submitting their work to a contest, and would prefer, instead, to have it judged by a mob under the watchful eye of the Inferno, would be perfect for the AMV Inferno.

3.) Video creators who don’t care about prizes, but only care about the delighted squeals of fangirls/boys, or cheers from chest-puffing manly-anime fans are absolutely invited to enter (hint: Linkin Park/Sad J-Rock/SAPPY J-Pop songs are PERFECT for these types of videos). This pleases the Inferno and will gain its favor.

4.) AMV Creators who absolutely must use video source that is not from a Japanese Animation series/film may enter this contest (your Disney's Beauty and the Beast to Yazoo video is a GO!).

5.) Anyone who would rather keep company with the above noted folks/video types may also enter (we don’t really care, send away).

Videos may be submitted in advance (by March 6th if they are going to be early submissions), or may be brought to the convention. If videos are going to be brought to the convention, they must be on a video DVD (ie one that will play in a regular DVD player). The Inferno demands that you test your DVDs before you bring them to us. The Inferno also mentioned that you should test it in multiple DVD players, and a computer. Also, we cannot play anything from your flash drive. Would you stick a stranger’s flash drive in your computer? Be honest. Probably not. Ew. Virusey. So, if you want to submit it digitally, do so in advance.

The “Contest” (if you can call it that):

The videos will not be “judged” so much as they will be evaluated based on the response of the audience. The Inferno will encourage the audience to cheer for videos they like, and express displeasure at videos they do not appreciate. The Inferno likes it when the audience is happy, but it loves it when the audience is not happy.

The evaluation of how happy the crowd is will be completely non-scientific. This does not matter.

The winner of the Inferno will be the video that escapes intact, its dignity untarnished by the mob. The video creator will be crowned “Prince/Princess of the Inferno,” and will be given a ceremonial hat to wear as they greet their adoring audience.

Tips and Tricks/Video Formatting Guidelines:

Frankly, there are none. Make your videos however you want to... if you want to stretch the footage out and make it look all pixelated, and have terrible sound, I don’t mind. I simply serve the Inferno, and the Inferno will judge your video’s worthiness. If it plays, it must have pleased the Inferno. If it doesn’t play, tough luck. The Inferno must not like you very much.

Is this a terrible idea?


Why are you doing it then?

Because we want to, OK? The Inferno TOLD us to do this this way.

Is it possible that a video could suck so bad/be so full of inappropriate things that you will not show it even here, in the pit of despair that is the AMV Inferno?

Why yes, that is a possibility. We will not be helping anyone to speak hatefully about race/gender/creed/etc., for instance. The Inferno does not want that. We also reserve the right to disqualify anyone for anything, and to change the rules on the fly, like a spider weaving a web of danger. That is what pleases the Inferno.

OK, I’m convinced I want to be a part of this. How do I send my video to you:

The submission guidelines are very similar to those of the AMV contest. Please read:

Quicktime (.mov - this format is our favorite)
Mpeg 4 (.mp4)
Mpeg 2 (DVD ready please)
Mpeg 1 (though this format has been sketchy for us before)
AVI (mpeg4, divx and DV compressed AVI’s ONLY)

Please note, we DO NOT accept Windows Media (.wmv) files for the contest (the Inferno does not like .wmv).

If you have another format you would like to submit in, and you want to ask us about it, please email and we will consider it, or try to work with it, as long as it is high quality.

Files should be no more than 500MB in size, maximum. If you would like to submit a file larger than 500MB, please email or PM Sushiboy on the Anime Sushi forum before uploading for special permission to do so.

We are also able to accept submissions over AIM/iChat or other messenger services, though this is not the preferred method of receiving submissions.

If you are unsure about which of these formats to use or are having difficulty converting your video, please consult the tips and tricks at the bottom of this document for suggestions and ideas you could potentially utilize to get your video into one of the required formats.

Entrants into the 2011 Anime Sushi AMV Inferno must send an email to or with “The Inferno Beckons Me” as the subject line. In this email you should include:

1.) Your Name
2.) Your Studio Name / Nickname (if you have one)
3.) Your Video Title
4.) The Settings/Program you used to convert/edit/compress your video
5.) Your email address or other pertinent contact information (incase we have trouble with your video)
6.) Your Sushi Forum User ID (if you have one)

Your video should then be sent along via whichever method you have selected to transfer it to us (MegaUpload, SendSpace, or one of the other file-delivery sites).

Please note, we prefer files be under 500MB. For files larger, please email for special permission. Please be sure to name your files sensibly (with the title of the video, and your AMV creator name in the file name somewhere so we can identify the file).

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Re: The AMV Inferno at MegaCon 2011 (presented by Anime Sush

Postby SushiBoyJared » Wed Mar 02, 2011 12:28 pm

Deadline for the Inferno is fast approaching (March 6th, Sunday). If you have not submitted a video, the Inferno is mildly annoyed, but it says it will forgive you this one transgression.

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Re: The AMV Inferno at MegaCon 2011 (presented by Anime Sush

Postby SushiBoyJared » Wed Mar 09, 2011 3:08 pm

Deadline extended to March 16th (Wednesday) because I need more weird videos.

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