Anime To Music Galleries - Audition!

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Anime To Music Galleries - Audition!

Postby Xohmg » Sun Dec 02, 2012 7:38 pm

(In a way this is a Contest as people are challenge each other to get in and only the best prevail)

The audition video is here:
Post your entries in the video responses or send it by PM on Youtube. (if you send a video file, please render it in wmv, avi or mp4)

The 6 winners will be members of the Anime To Music Galleries. And of course self-esteem (the more who audition the greater the self-esteem will be, so tell your friends about this)

1. NO stealing
2. Your video has to be uploaded in 16:9, in 1280x720 (HD Youtube Standard) OR in 720x480 (old HD Youtube Standard), and to be at least made of high quality clips.
3. We're searching for timing, emotion and creativity in your video.
4. No hentai .
5. DON'T enter in this audition if you have no availability. You have to be sure to have time to invest in the studio.
6. Use any program that you want (ANY!).
7. Your video must not be older than five months ago up to now.
8. Have fun whilst editing for us :D

You will NOT be judged on the effects that you'll use, but on the presentation and how you master your program. The members of the studio will be the judges.

DEADLINE: 5 of January 2013

Good luck!
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Re: Anime To Music Galleries - Audition!

Postby Scintilla » Tue Dec 04, 2012 7:50 am

Xohmg wrote:7. Your must not be older than five months ago up to now.

If you can find five-month-olds who can edit AMVs, I want to meet them... :lol:
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