question about DDClip Free's known problem

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question about DDClip Free's known problem

Postby saberlock » Mon Aug 25, 2008 3:50 am

The download page for DDClip Free says this:

There is a known problem with DDClip 2.23 setup program under Windows 2000/XP.

You won't be able to install DDClip Free 2.23 under Windows 2000/XP to a logical drive on your hard disk (for example "C:", "D:" etc.) that is very large (typically with free space over 2 Gb) - you will get an error message "Invalid destination drive".
If you want to install and use DDClip Free 2.23 under Windows 2000/XP, you must install it to any other logical drive with less capacity and free space.

This problem has occurred for me and the only other drive I have is a floppy drive. (which didn't work either) Since it said "free space over 2 Gb," I was wondering if filling up the rest of my hard drive would be sufficient to get around this problem. If so, what would be a quick way to fill up space on my C drive?
If you know of any other solution to the problem, I'd be happy to try it instead.

In case you are wondering, I've had an idea for an AMV, but I don't really want to invest any money in a project that I might only do once. Windows Movie Maker did not download with update like the website said it would, so I am trying the only other free software I've seen someone on this board say anything good about.
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Re: question about DDClip Free's known problem

Postby post-it » Sat Feb 07, 2009 12:02 pm

.. DD Clips is not the Editor you want, for an AMV; its a multi-layered
audio platform with a single line ( Primiere type ) editing ( malfunction )

:book: When it comes to "Video Editing" ... a multi-layered Video platform
is what works best. By having two layers, or more, alignment and corrections
can be made with the "greatest of ease" plus ( + ) audio alignment can
be set to "match the video" in Run-Time -or- in Film-Length. there's
nothing worse than out-of-sync timing alignments when trying to
correct a "glitch-in-the-system!"

:book: Of these video Editors, only "AVS" Editors say "trial version" on
the screen; but that was not your question:
1) Virtual Dub has many "single line editors to choose from.
. a) Virtual Dub MOD works with pre-ripped DVD's quite nicely.
. b) Virtual Dub's newer stuff can blend your cut sections into a AMV
2) Almost any Video Editor out there "has" a trial version available:
which means; you can use it and get done what you need to get it right
even if its only for a limited time 8-)

:sweat: as far as "not wanting to buy one" goes; I don't blame ya!
( even Magix is getting too bizzare to do the simplist of things! )

.. My advice ... ... .. . . :twisted: . . look for an older version ( 2004 )
of something that looks promising and give it a try -- what's the most
it can do, say "no!" ?? :up: :book: :sweat:
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Re: question about DDClip Free's known problem

Postby post-it » Tue Feb 10, 2009 2:05 pm

ok .. lets put an end to this DD-Clips being "Video-Editing Software" right-now:
.. it took me over two (2) hours to get everything "prepared" before
I could even begin to use the full capabilities of DDClips! besides,
what good is FREE if you have to work for it ! ??

.. I'm not allowed to post the video on this server the word W.I.T.C.H.
has been blocked for not being Anime
, however if you search U-tube
you will find a video called "Book of secrets WITCH _ post-it" -- everything
that DDClips can do was done with "THAT" editor:
1) WinTV-850 did the Capturing from my VCR.
2) Virtual Dub 1.4.10 did the trimming ( not a valid function in DDClips. )
3) Magix Audio Cleaning 10 did the Audio in ac_8 format.
and finally
4) DDClips combined everything together for uploading in the Mpeg-1 format.
.. That should put an end to people wanting to use DDClips as an Editor! :P

8-) y o u t u b e 8-) "Book of secrets WITCH _ post-it" 8-)
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