Suggested Editing Software?

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Suggested Editing Software?

Postby Obsidian Zero » Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:57 pm

I have been researching several different video editing programs, but I'm still on the fence. Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Aftereffects are well-rated, but I don't know if those would necessarily meet my personal preferences. I intend to create AMVs as a hobby (and for possible contest entry) and would prefer not to spend an extravagant amount on an incredibly complicated program that I don't plan on using professionally. My preferred price zone is less than $100, but I am willing to go over if absolutely necessary. What are some suggested programs, experiences with those programs, and prices? Thank you.
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Re: Suggested Editing Software?

Postby mirkosp » Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:49 am

For that price range the generally suggest choice is something from the Video Deluxe line by Magix, as the software is consumer level and affordable, but offers all the tools you'll need for most AMV needs.
Either way, the best thing to do is to first download various free trials and see what software you like best. If you want to stay consumer level, Adobe has Adobe Premiere Elements as well, but I personally find it to be pretty limited, so I'd still pick Magix over it, in the 100 usd price zone.
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