Windows Movie Maker, help before I stab my eyes out

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Windows Movie Maker, help before I stab my eyes out

Postby Elphabaa » Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:53 pm

OK SO I messed up my codecs, I recently made a video just fine with Windows Movie Maker but trying to do something else I installed a K-Lite codec pack and now when I try to save my WMV files there is a massive green bar at the bottom of my video!

I am aware of the solution to just save as AVI...I do not want to save as an AVI because the file sizes are huge and the quality sucks. I just want to get back what I had but I have no idea how.

I tried to system restore but that doesn't work, I get an error everytime i tried it trying different times and points.

I tried to just uninstall the K-lite pack and then my mp4s wouldn't even open in windows media player OR movie maker and it made everything open in Quicktime so it just seemed to break I reinstalled the K-Lite pack back. :/

These are what I have in my Compatibility tools in Windows Movie Maker

It's a lot? I don't know, what the heck do i need to check and uncheck to make this terrible bar go away? What options do you guys have checked?

I also tried this:

It doesn't work.

Also another weird note, the video I made previously before I messed up everything was a mix of mp4s and AVI files, when I save the same video now ONLY the mp4 sections of the video are effected with the massive green bar. So it will be like normal video(avi parts)...GREEN BAR(mp4 parts)...normal video.(avi parts)

I don't know what to do, I feel like I am trying everything and nothing works!

I have Windows Vista home premium 32 bit if that matters....

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